Water Pregnancy Breaks

I never wondered if my water had broken during my first pregnancy, because well, like eighty-three percent of women, mine never did! However being pregnant again I’ve found through reading that, “How do I know when my water breaks?” and “What Should I do When MY Water Breaks?” are a pretty darn common questions during pregnancy, and I didn’t know the answer. I do now though, and here they are.

First off, keep in mind that as I said only seventeen percent of women actually have their water break during pregnancy before their labor is active. In fact, many women’s water doesn’t break until they are nine cm dilated if at all, sometimes your pre-natal care provider has to pop your bag of waters with a knitting needle type device. That said, I’m forgetting something, not all women have any idea what I’m talking about right now.


What is a bag of waters and why does it break during pregnancy?

Your “water” or “bag of waters” is a general term for the amniotic sac and the fluid within your uterus that your baby rests within. Your water breaks during pregnancy usually in response to the pressure of contractions associated with labor; however it is possible for it to become torn from a variety of things including your own baby’s finger nails. One thing is certain; once a bag of waters has been broken the baby must come out ready or not within twenty-four hours unless the baby would be so pre-mature the risks of infection from a broken bag of waters are outweighed by those of the pre-mature birth.

How do I know if my water breaks?

Some women know unquestionably when their water breaks, its huge gush of amniotic fluid and its certainly not urine, however in most cases when a bag of waters breaks before your labor it won’t be a gush it’ll be a trickle which can leave you wondering if your water broke or not. A few ways to be certain:

-You can change your underwear and lie down for twenty to thirty minutes. During this time had your water broke amniotic fluid would pool in the vagina hence when you stand poof proof of a broken bag of waters.

-You can smell the liquid if you are too impatient to wait twenty to thirty minutes. Amniotic fluid has no scent while urine does. Some women do feel amniotic fluid smells like bleach or cleaner. You can also note the color, amniotic fluid tends to be clear or straw colored and far lighter than urine.

If in doubt you can call your pre-natal care provider. He or she will likely have you come in to be checked out just in case and hence ease your water worrying mind.

What do I do if I think my water has broke?

Call your pre-natal provider ASAP. Chances are you’ll go into labor naturally soon if you are near the end of your pregnancy, and if you don’t chances are you’ll need to be induced.

I hope this has helped ease your worries about your water breaking, though it won’t stop it from breaking at an inopportune time if does, at least you’ll know if it did ore not. Congratulations on a beautiful new baby!


Did my water break?


and my Mid-Wife, Linda Duce of Soldotna Alaska.