Used High Chair Shopping

High chairs are typically not used for feeding a baby until they have reached the solid food stage, usually around 6 months old. A high chair could be purchased and used before this stage; however, as many young babies enjoy the inclusion at family meals and sitting higher off the floor. There are several different features to consider before purchasing a used high chair.

High Chair Types

Wooden high chairs are a common find when shopping for a used high chair. These high chair types may have a more aesthetic appeal, but typically they are harder to clean, as well as being bulkier. Wooden high chairs don’t have the storage, reclining and other features of metal and plastic high chairs. Metal and plastic high chairs are the more commonly purchased high chair due to their many versatile features.


When looking for a traditional high chair for daily use at home, make sure it reclines. This feature is very useful for younger infants to assist in bottle feedings. The reclining feature will help a baby as they learn to hold their bottle themselves, and eventually assist them as they reach the early stages of sippy cup training. A reclining feature gives baby the confidence to hold their cup independently.

Portable and Space-savers

Portable high chairs are a good option to have on hand when traveling, going to restaurants or visiting at other people’s homes. These chairs are space savers and attach directly to the table. Portable high chairs cannot recline, so they are not a good option for babies unable to sit upright independently or for a baby who finds it easier to drink in a reclining position. Babies in these high chair types will require constant supervision, as a child will have easy access to food and other items in close proximity on the table. Portable high chairs hold up to approximately 37 pounds and are recommended for toddlers. Portable high chairs are a good solution to help minimize baby equipment clutter as they will not take up much storage space and could remain permanently attached to the kitchen table, if desired.


Pay attention to specific features of high chairs, such as one-handed tray releases, extras like toys and high chair wheels when shopping for your used high chair. Toys may be helpful to keep baby entertained while eating, but also may be a distraction. Wheels are helpful to move a chair to different locations in a quick and efficient manner.


When shopping for a used high chair, pay attention to how easily the chair can be cleaned. Vinyl seat covers can easily be wiped down and are much easier for daily clean-ups in comparison to a cloth-covered chair. If you own a dishwasher, look for a high chair with a dishwasher safe tray cover.


High chairs are not required to pass any type of safety guidelines. However, a high chair will display the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) logo if they have passed voluntary safety regulations. Safety regulations include the sturdiness of the tray, stability of the legs, the existence of a passive restraint and other important safety features.