Use Tattoo Ointment at Your Own Risk

Once you have had a tattoo, you will need to keep it moist so that the skin does not dry out and become excessively scabby. The reason for this is so that the skin can heal quickly and naturally, allowing the colours and lines of your tattoo to remain unaffected by any scabby healing or infection. People usually use tattoo ointments, tattoo lotions or tattoo crèmes.

A tattoo ointment is a mixture of oily crème and water. Ointments and crèmes are pretty similar, only an ointment has a higher concentration of oil than crème.

From my twenty odd years of helping people with tattoo infections, I would use neither an ointment nor a crème. You see, my experience is this. Tattoos are wounds to the body, whether you like how pretty it is or not, there will be bacteria in the wound of your tattoo.

These bacteria will have to be dealt with by your immune system. Your immune system does not like ink or bacteria under your skin, so a little battle has to take place, at least for a little while. So it will send loads of a immune system soldiers to the tattoo site and the battle commences. You are not helping this situation by trapping the offending bacteria in the wound with petroleum based, animal based or chemical based tattoo ointment. You have just made things worse.

It is far better to use plant based natural antibiotics that are 100% organic and free from chemicals. That was why I did the research and designed Tattoo Doctor for this very purpose. Tattoo Doctor is not a tattoo ointment; it is a blend of four pure plant antibiotics. Just a few drops of this oily film will kill off any offending bacteria within the tattoo, and give your immune system the helping hand it needs.

This means that your tattoo is;

• Infection free

• Moist

• Let’s the tattoo breath yet greatly reduces scabbing

• Keeps the colours bright and fresh

• Promotes fast and healthy healing of your skin

Tattoo Doctor has been proven to work by thousands of beautiful tattoo wearers the world over. Not only that, the powerful ingredients in Tattoo Doctor have been proven to work for thousands of years.

Did you know that every Roman Gladiator had to take myrrh into battle. If a Gladiator received a battle wound, they would rub myrrh into the wound to stop infection. Myrrh is the oldest and most powerful natural antibiotic known to man. That is why it is in Tattoo Doctor.

Tattoo Doctor also contains Lavandula latifolia, which according to Wikipedia, “can be used as an antiseptic and pain reliever’. The British Pharmacopoeia and the National Formulary both state the medicinal properties of this amazing plant extract. It reduces pain, reduces burn injuries and promotes healing. There are several other just as distinguished ingredients in the amazing remedy.

If you have a tattoo infection or are thinking of getting a tattoo, then getting Tattoo Doctor is a must. Simply massage the drops in to your tattoo three times a gay and once more at bedtime. Do not trap bacteria in you tattoo with tattoo ointment. Order Tattoo Doctor today and we will get it out to you today.

When you receive the remedy you will also receive a free video link, where I go through all the tattoo aftercare information that you need, including tattoo lotions, tattoo crèmes, tattoo ointments, best tattoo aftercare and much more. I look forward to helping you.