Unkind Comments Strangers Make about your Children in Public Settings

I have never had the displeasure of someone actually saying something about my child but they have said plenty to me. As a human being I have faults and apparently that is not allowed. The time that sticks out most in my mind is when I took my kids out for a hair cut. I was tired and stressed and sick of the sound of their whining and refusal to do as I needed them to do while we made our way to the hair dresser. I had my son in the stroller and my daughter walking along with me. For some reason and this still happens to this day, she becomes more difficult when trying to cross the road she will decide to throw a temper when it comes to the light turning green and traffic waits for no mum. So we get half way across the road and she starts obsessing about her balloon blowing around in the wind. Of course in response I tell her not to worry that’s what balloons do and continue trying to get my pram across the road. Now when I get the stroller off the road and onto the foot path I have to let go of her hand because by this time my son was getting quite heavy and I needed to have two hands to do it.

Of course you can imagine how this ended with me and a stroller on the footpath and I turned around to a changed light and a child standing on the road obsessing over her balloon. Now my reaction was not perfect but honestly if it does not have this effect on you then you might have had you feelings removed. My child was standing on the road the light had changed I became paralyzed with fear I though she was a dead kid. I screamed out “Emily get off the road!” just like that. My brain went numb and once it came to the conclusion go and get your child the conflict came up but that means leaving my youngest child in the danger of being left alone on the foot path. So a man walked past me and you would think he would help me but instead he says “just go and get her”. Of course I ran and got her sacrificing my youngest to the danger of some weirdo running off with him and only thought later that the guy that made that comment and walked off could have helped me by getting her for me and not walking off and leaving me to have to leave my son unattended. In fact any of the people who saw it happen could have helped me instead of making rude comments.

I have also been the victim of the screaming toddler and people poking their nose in with a rude comment. Someone once made one about me having my daughter on a child lead. This young woman said “you have her on there like a dog”. I never thought to say well its better than having a dead or missing child. I had a new born in the pram at the time and I needed to be able to keep her with me. When I was pregnant with her I saw a little boy run onto the road and get run over and all I wanted was for that not to happen to her.

I am going to say it the opinion brigade strikes again and it’s just regrettable we only think of our come backs when we get home.