Understanding the Intense Emotions of your Gifted Child

When a child is gifted it is very hard for them to express that they know what they want to tell you or understand something but just can’t seem to get the words to come out right. They feel as if nobody really understands them and they feel singled out. The average human being only uses 15% of their brain and the gifted person uses more of the right brain than the average person. So while your still stuck in left field the right brained smart one is over there going “helloooo”, and getting more angry by the second because they feel like nobody is listening.
It may come as a shock to many parents how out of control the emotions of your gifted child can be. Many tend to think that the child has hyperactivity or ADHD. In fact, studies have shown that the geniuses of our history such as Einstein, Edison, and Ben Franklin would all have been considered bi-polar if they were to be looked at by todays psychiatrists. The gifted person can tend to have racing thoughts and the mind is all over the place. They cannot concentrate on just one thing, but many at a time, therefore confusing the person into a frustration that can lead to an explosion either of anger or sadness. Bi-polar is when someone goes through about a month of “ups” and then a month of “downs”. They will be depressed at one point and overly excited or energetic at the other. I am sure you can see where this can cause a roller-coaster of emotions in a child that just cannot explain what they are feeling to all the idiots who have no clue what they are saying. Now I am not saying that all gifted kids are bi-polar. It is just very common. Many people tend to misunderstand these aspects of a child and the child will withdraw from the gifted side to try to be like everyone else. Bi-polar can be dealt with and there are medications to help the focusing of the mind. Gifted children also tend to get headaches a lot. The brain overloads with all the goings on in there and cannot handle all the sparking of brain cells, thus causing the headaches.
Mostly this child just wants to be understood and listened to and loved for who they are not what they know or learn. When you stress the gifted in them they may either engross themselves in a need for this label or some parents may tend to expect too much from the child causing them added stress and sadness.
Remember, no matter how smart or “gifted” your child is…they are still a child and want to be treated the same as the other children.