Understanding the Dangers of a Natural Abortion

Everything about a “natural” abortion is dangerous.

To start, I cannot find one credible site that offers natural abortion as a safe, effective alternative to a surgical abortion. Not one. Planned Parenthood, the mother of abortion providers, makes no mention of natural abortions nor does the NARAL site. This alone raised the red flags. Upon doing a little more research those red flags proved to be valid.

First, most people who advocate this form of abortion are not doctors or even nurses. They are called herbalists and their methods, on this subject, is questionable at best. For example, on one site (www.sisterzues.com) it states on it’s disclaimer that clearly states that “there has been very little research done on herbs for abortion. I am not a licensed health care professional.” This is right after they tell you how you should look into herbal remedies to induce an abortion. I have also seen the following herbs and methods to induce a natural abortion from various sites: Rutin Capsules, Vitamin C, Ginger Root, Pennyroyal, Reflex Point, Uterus Massage, Visualizations, Figs, Avocadoes, Aspirin, Progesterone Cream, Baobab Stem, Angelica Root, Parsley, Cotton Root, Blue Cohosh, Tansy Flower, Black Cohosh. No site I found gave specific doses and what herbs and at what times to take them to induce this type of natural abortion. Sounds complicated and dangerous, huh? Well, it gets worse.

Let’s take one of those mentioned above in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the biggest herbal pushes for the people who advocate natural abortions. Well, there’s a problem. The Food and Drink Administration classifies ascorbic acids as a category c. Which means that it’s not known whether these acids will harm an unborn baby. It is clear that some ascorbic acid is important for fetal development but unclear what large doses or prolonged consumption will do to said fetal development.

Next, even the herbalists know that any type of natural abortion is not 100% effective…it’s not even 50%. By most estimates it’s 45% or below and that depends on the source you seek. It’s also recommended that you don’t try a natural abortion if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, liver, heart or kidney problems as those above herbs may cause any of those conditions to become much more severe. Also, if you are on birth control or any other drugs don’t attempt a natural abortion either because these factors make this natural way of doing things even more dangerous.

The side effects from attempting a natural abortion range in severity including death to yourself and the baby. Also, if the herbal remedies do not work you are risking severe damage to the child and can lead to birth defects and complications if the baby is brought to term. During the time you are on the herbs you may suffer from nausea, diarrhea, chills and other side effects and this doesn’t mention what emotions will be running through your head as you sit and wait through a long drawn out process.

In ending, everything about a natural abortion is medically unsound, dangerous and unreliable…I must say that I am an advocate for life but if someone I know was to get one I would hope they would do it in a safe environment with trained medical personal and natural abortion appears to be the most unnatural choice of them all.