Understanding Speech Delay

First off, speech delay could be a sign of autism so if your child doesn’t seem to care much for other people’s affection and just doesn’t like people he or she could be autistic so go to a speech therapist and see what they think.

Here’s a way to see if your kid might have speech delay: Go to your local store or anywhere public. Look at other children around the area and see if any of the kids are around your child’s age. Do they communicate more than he/she? If you want to be bold, you could ask the parent how old their kid is. Now usually girls are a little better at talking than boys so try to find a child that’s the same gender as yours.

Another way is children with speech delay may find other ways to communicate such as grunts or screams. This is another sign of autism as well. But do you notice your child grunts or screams instead of using words when they should be able to talk? This is a sign of speech delay.

Also children with speech delay often point much later than the average child. While most kids start pointing early such as a year and a half old, and your kid is three and just learning how to point is also a sign. It’s not that they don’t know how to point, but they choose not to and lots of others may love to point.

If you think your child has speech delay, then here are a few things you could do about it.

If you have the money and really think this is an issue, then start going to a speech therapist. You can go as many times as you believe your child is behind on speaking.  If they’re just a tiny bit behind you could go every other week or once a week. If they are really behind like a year and over behind, I definitely recommend you go multiple times a week to get them back on track to the right speed.

Don’t have the time for a therapist? There’s an array of online programs destined to help children speak better. A website called ABCmouse.org is a great place to start. It is mainly designed for math, but it has plenty of programs to help children behind on anything. It does cost money though.

If your kid goes to a daycare ask them to work with the child. Just a little extra work could set them on the right track so hopefully the daycare is understanding enough to help with your child speak like the others who are on the right track.

Lastly just work with your child every chance you get. If you alone just work for an hour or two a day, they’ll  be on the right track of getting rid of their speech delay.

Sometimes children just do not have anything to say or contribute so they don’t talk. Do not get this confused with speech delay or autism. Whether it is speech delay or not this will help.