Typical Bullying

The language and behavior of all bullies, regardless of age or gender has a common theme- belittling the person being bullied, and throwing criticisms. They all have a peculiar way of finding the weaknesses of their victims and playing on them, using them to hit where it hurts the most, causing the most emotional distress as they possibly can. While their language and verbal assaults are horrible and demeaning, their behavior is equally as so- attacking where the act is most visible, in groups of their peers, where, once again, the most damage can be done.

Put Downs are common in all bullies, and can target any aspect of a person whether it be their looks, their intelligence or their actions. Calling victims by belittling names such as stupid, ugly, retarded, weird, disgusting, and so many other rude and hurtful names can be heard in any bulling situation. When these situations involve children or teens this is often more commonly seen, as these age groups are far more sensitive about their appearance and actions. This can have a long lasting effect on children, carrying over into adulthood.

Another sensitive area that bullies often attack is a persons sexual preference, whether the are accurate or not. Calling another person gay is another common method of bullies, but for a bully, the accusations are far more crude with commonly used slang such as queer, fag, or dike. Whether a person is in fact homosexual or not, although of no business of the bully, they can be targeted as being so and put down, criticized, and sometimes even physically attacked by the bully in questions. Because, for victims, this can be a sensitive area of their personal lives, particularly in pre-teens, teens and young adults, the actions of the bully can have a profound negative impact on their victims and cause extensive emotional trauma and long term, or even permanent damage.

When it comes to bullying the ultimate goal of the bully is to torment, belittle, and scare the victim, and threatening is another common way in which bullies do this. Threats are a similar behavior in all bullies and are delivered in various ways. This could include the threat of exposing what the bully sees as the victims faults. For example, ‘If you don’t do this for me I will tell the whole school what a little queer you are’, or ‘If you tell anyone I will tell everyone how you wet your pants’. This could also be a threat of violence such as if the victim tells the bully threatens to beat them up, or worse, kill them. It is this sort of threats that are the most dangerous.

Bullying is a problem in nearly all social scenes from schools to places of employment to the playground, and while no two bullies are exactly alike, the actions and intent of each and every one of them is the same- to hurt others- and sadly, their goal is too often achieved using language and behaviors such as those discussed.