Two Fun Wasy to Display Kids Artwork

Pictures, paintings, hand prints, every child has made them. Every parent is given a piece of artwork at one point in their child’s life that they will want to keep and cherish forever. Rather than throwing them aside, up-cycle these items and make a DIY project from them, to hold on to them forever.

A photo frame collage is a perfect way to save artwork that was made by the children. Rather than trimming them and putting them in to a scrapbook, take the items and frame them. Once each picture or piece of artwork has been placed in a chosen frame, the next step is to find a place in the home as to where it can be stored.

The child’s room may be a perfect spot to put their artwork collage. Another place to put this collage is the living room or dining room for guests and family to admire while they visit. No matter where the location chosen is it is important to make sure the photos are organized in a fun way. Place the frames horizontal or diagonal to add some spunk.

The scrapbook is not only for photos anymore. While scrap booking involves cutting, pasting, stickers, ribbons and many other decorating items, a scrapbook full of children’s artwork can need no alternative decorations but the art.

Having the art inside of a scrapbook binder is a very easy way to organize a child’s artwork. By putting the artwork inside plastic sleeves, a parent will be able to protect the artwork. For placing the artwork inside the sleeves, it will also keep it very well organized.

If a parent would like to involve the child in this project, a simple task such as organizing the order of the artwork is a great idea. The child can also decorate the binder with their favorite stickers, name, and whatever other decorations they may like. Make it a fun project to do with the children and get them involved.

The joy a child will feel when their art work has been displayed and saved is like no other. To show a child as a parent that they have accomplished something as beautiful and great as they have, even if it is not perfect will help boost self esteem and show the child that they are capable of anything and deserve praise. Make every art project, picture, or painting worth showing. Art is in everyone’s nature, as long as they have someone to believe in them.