Tweens Pre Teens

Wonderful and challenging is the first thought I have about teens. Puberty and the need for self expression are some of the challenges teens face. As parents we have to learn to deal with those issues. Teens start to become more responsible and seek advice as they get older. Though there may be some feeling of separation as they search for independence, it’s also a time when they look for understanding. 

When your teenager starts their first job you feel joy at the thought of them maturing. They begin to show some since of responsibility by helping provide for themselves. When they offer to help without being asked, and you wake up, and they have cooked you breakfast. These are days that are treasured because you feel they have some understanding of what you’ve been dealing with to ensure they have a chance at a good life. What about the boastful parents sitting at an awards ceremony watching their child receive acknowledgements for their academic achievements? These are moments when parents should be proud of their teens. 

Parents of some teens have the pleasure of assisting their children with college applications or helping them decide what to do after graduation. These are moments when it’s okay to shed a happy tear at the thought of your child growing up a little too soon. We get to take pictures of them attending their first after school dance. Eagerly watching them as they prepare for prom and all the excitement that weekend provides. Help them prepare for graduation as they proudly walk across the stage in receipt of their diplomas. These are all times when a parent should be proud of their teen, moments we look toward as parents. 

There will always be times when our teens will drive us to distraction. They will disobey and disappoint at some point in their young lives. However, that’s normal and to be expected from teens. Parents have to remember the positives and reinforce those items to your teenagers. Don’t be so quick to think they’ve gotten out of hand, but take some time and remember that you were young once too. Talk it out and remind them how things should be and what positives they’ve achieved. Teenagers need to know that we do understand that they are growing and maturing, but they still have to respect our rules. By understanding this and focusing on positives they may understand that their parents only want them to succeed in life.