Tweens Pre Teens

Is there truth in the things people say that boys are easier to raise? Are they easier to raise, or does society play a big role in the way they are expected to behave? Teen boys need to have ground rules, so they will be good role models and exceptional citizens of the community. 

Some times responsibility is thrown on teen age boys. They may come from a home that their father may not be in the picture. In this case it is good to have a role model around for them to look up too, someone that they can do things with, on a one on one situation. It is important for teen boys to have a manly structure in their life.This could be an uncle or even a Big Brother from the YMCA program. This helps to steer the teen boys from getting involved in to things like drug and alcohol use. 

Responsibility is a very good thing to teach your teen boys. Ways to teach your teen boy responsibility is to have them be responsible for doing certain chores at home. This helps them to learn to work together as a family to get things done. Everyone has to do their share. 

They have to respect the rules of the house when it comes to curfews. They are trying to test the waters of their independence. Rules for curfews are in place for their safety. They need to know what you expect from them. Do not be their friend when it comes to this, be their parent. Set boundaries and enforce them. Teen boys needing guidance just as well. 

Talk to them about dating. Let them know you need to know what their plans are for the evening. Teach them to be responsible for knowing what their dates parents expect of them as well. Teach them to be a gentleman. There is nothing wrong with chivalry. Its actually a very nice thing to see. 

Make sure they are involved in some kind of activities. Unfortunately, teen boys who become men, are some of the most violent in the world. Boys are taught not to show their emotions. By not expressing them they have a lot of built up aggressions. Therefore, it is good to have them involved in a sport, or even weight lifting so they can work out those aggressions. They can be a healthy person at the same time by learning to do different activities. 

Encourage them to work or do volunteer work. This helps them to get a sense of the outside world and helps them to know what to expect. It is good to have them involved in something like Boy Scouts, as this helps them learn a variety of opportunities in life. Keeping them involved in extra curricular activities keeps them away from drugs and bad habits. 

Teach them how to take care of their cars and the basics of car insurance. Make them understand that driving is a privilege. They need to be responsible for the people they allow to ride with them. 

Ground rules are some of the basics of parenting. For teen boys ground rules are pretty simple if they follow them. They need to show respect for their parents and the rules of the house. They need to show good dating skills. They need to show they are going to be a good role model for others. They need to show they can be responsible teens by following the rules for dating and driving in your household.  Be there for your teen boys and have a great relationship with them.