Tweens Pre Teens

People who work and live with children are well aware that young girls and boys thrive in a structured environment. Children need rules and discipline just as much as they need love and affection.

When children reach their teen years, this craving for discipline does not end. Although teens strive for freedom and reduced rules, they will flourish in an environment which is “programmed” to build on their skills and interests. Extra-curricular activities can strike that perfect balance between freedom and structure.


Extra-curricular activities are the best way to achieve “skill-building” for teens. Skill-building is the top-rated method of increasing the self-esteem of children and adolescents.

There are six identified dimensions of humanity, which are impacted by skill-building.

Physical: The physical dimension of humanity can be impacted by activities such as Girl Guides, Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs and the YMCA, to name a few. Teens who learn to build on sports and recreational abilities will usually acquire healthy self-esteem which will affect many aspects of their lives.

Intellectual: Teens who want to build on their interests in science or literature can join groups such as astronomy clubs, writing groups and debate teams in order to increase their self esteem and become more knowledgeable on subjects which will further their studies and increase the chances that they will have successful careers.

Emotional: Extra-curricular activities such as church groups and summer camps can help teens to get in touch with their emotions and relate to peers and adults in a healthier manner.
Making friends with similar interests is an effective way to form emotional bonds that will support him/her well into adulthood.

Social/Cultural: The social and cultural experiences of teens are impacted whenever they join a group of any nature. Socializing with a range of peers who have many different lifestyle choices can make an adolescent more ” worldly” and increase his/her chances of being a tolerant, patient and intelligent adult.

Spiritual: Forming an interest in something that is ” larger than us” is known as making a spiritual connection with the world. Some interests which are known as spiritual include art and nature. Teens who take an interest in art or nature can become some of the most renowned leaders in society, because they have gone beyond the bounds of narcissism or ” small mindedness” and are able to reach out and achieve a connection on what is known as the highest level of the human dimension.

Although school and home life are two very powerful influences for teens, the benefits of extra-curricular activities are very apparent. A well structured, safe and nurturing environment, which encourages creativity and acceptance, may be a powerful way to help teens to achieve the success and happiness that they deserve.