Tweens Pre Teens

Picking my battles became a very important idea long before my children started becoming teenagers. I realized long ago that my day went smoother if I didn’t fight about things that weren’t that important. When my Gemini child at 5 decided she was going to town in a pink and purple poka-doted top with green and blue striped pants, I shrugged and said well if anyone can pull it off its you. When My oldest decided that for her Fifteenth birthday she wanted to get her ears pierced a second time, cut her hair short, dye it black with purple streaks, I thought, at least it isn’t a boyfriend. She has begged several times for a tattoo or to have her belly button pierced. My answer is always, when your old enough to get a job and pay for it yourself. You can do what you want with your money but not with mine. She gets that. She gets it because its been my attitude her whole life.

I would take them clothes shopping, I would pick out things I could afford, they would pick out things they liked and I usually couldn’t afford. The deal was always, if you want it you will have to work for it. Their father and I don’t mind spending a little extra if they are willing to work for it.

I haven’t made up my mind about curfews yet. So far I haven’t needed one. However, if the age range of her friends represents the age range shes going to date when I let her date at Sixteen that might change. I have stuck to the Sixteen age range for dating because I would prefer that they be able to drive. I feel safer letting her date people a bit older, if I know she can drive herself and leave if she needs to. But, if she picks a date that is as trustworthy as her father was at that age, I probably won’t give her a curfew.

I have a few rules in this house and only a few. They apply to every person and somehow I managed to convince everyone I mean it.

1.) I don’t care what you wear as long as it clean. Past the age of ten, Don’t expect me to clean it.

2.) Don’t do anything that is going to break something. Definition of Something is (body part, object, another person, walls, floor.)

3.) Break rule two and hurt yourself don’t expect me to take you to the emergency room. Hurt yourself bad enough I have to take you to the emergency room, you will have to start telling the whole world that You may not be ugly but yes your mother does dress you funny.

4.) If you get brought home by a police officer it had dang well better be because your friends house caught on fire by no fault of your own and the officer was just being nice bringing you home. Otherwise he can take you right back to the jail cell you would have been in had you been an adult. One night in jail never hurt anyone. If I have to bail you out, you will go to your next trial date dressed like a convict.

5.) If you expect respect you have to give it. If you expect me to not embarrasses you in public then you had better not embarrasses me.

So far I have managed to raise some of the best children in the world. If you have ever tried to walk through Wall-mart during Christmas rush with 6 kids in tow you learn quickly just how well behaved your children are and mine are some of the best.