TV and Concentration Problems and Attention Deficit Disorders

Since the introduction of the remote control in the 70’s to most households, the ‘clicker’ has become a modern convenience. Since then, cable television, satellite dish television, etc have added 100’s of channels to the former line up of 3-5 channels available when remotes were first introduced.

Our culture has become the ‘click’ through generation. It takes only a second of our mental time to become bored with something and ‘click’ to the next channel. Parents, who are now working two jobs to make ends meet, now relax in front of a television with the children. Commercial comes on, click, something loses out interest, click. It’s become the age of changing the channel to avoid boredom. Researchers show that it is a very rare occurrence for any television watcher to set a channel for an hour program and leave it on that station for an entire hour. Men have gotten the reputation as being the ‘constant clicker’, surfing through channels faster than most people can comprehend what is on the screen.

Children have little option in growing up. Adults simply have come to live this way in most households. Yet children are losing the ability to concentrate on anything. If you ask most children with ADHD, they will tell you it’s similar to someone constantly changing the channel in their head. Yet our culture looks at how many more channels a service can offer to further the insanity.

Find a one hour television program that you are interested in watching. Other than going to the bathroom, sit in front of the TV to watch the program, the commercials, and everything from beginning to end. Count how many times you grab the remote control during commercials. We as adults are creating ADHD / ADD in children and then feeding them drugs to try to focus their brains.

Many studies have shown that martial arts have helped alleviate ADHD, as they help children learn to focus. Test yourself; watch one program, and see if you can focus just on ONE thing. Then, perhaps, you can understand how so many children are unable to focus. Then ask yourself, before you start dosing your child, do you want to add the drugs, or do you want to put down the remote control?