Toys for Young Babies

Most babies don’t respond to toys until around 2-3 months of age. Before this age, talking to them is more effective than showing them their toys.

Their first toys should always be ones that make noise that they can accidentally hit/shake. My daughter found her sun chimes toy that we hung from her playgym the most fun. The sum chimes had a plush sun at the top and three chimes (like wind chimes but for babies) and bugs on the ends. She loved to hit the bugs and try and grab them later on. Another note for very young babies is that if they take an interest in watching TV, it might be worth showing a few educational DVD’s because when they get older, they tend to prefer to “explore”.

Favorite toys when out and about for the first few months would be a baby book with teething corners and crinkly stuff for them to scrunch up. Rattly toys are also a hit with the tiny tots.

Once babies start to crawl at around 6 months, this opens up a whole new world to them. My favorite picks would have to be a few from the Fisher-Price range. The 3-in-1 rockin’ gym has a xylophone type toy part that my daughter still finds very amusing. It turns into a rocking horse type toy which they can climb onto when they start walking. The roll arounds are another hit especially the Turtle one that spins them around when you push the head.

My other favorite would have to be the Fisher-Price Activity Table, once they start “crusing” the furniture (approximately 7 months), this one kept my daughter amused for hours on ends.

An out and about toy from around 6 months would be the Sassy horse one that has rattly hooves floppy legs and ribbon mane. The baby book still is a favorite at times – and for some reason rattles are far more interesting to them now than before. Possibly because they learn that they can make a LOT of noise. Oh and the Elmo cellphone is another huge favorite due to the buttons and the opening action of the flap.

From around ten months, my daughter took an interest in her rather large soft toys. She would use them as pillows, babble to them and cuddle them. I believe this is a sort of comfort thing. Another bunch of toys she’s taken an interest in is her “Little People” ones and loves to put things in other things like bags/bowls/containers. This makes it the perfect time to introduce shape sorters and blocks. It would also make the perfect time to introduce the TOY BOX.

Once they start walking and climbing and generally getting up to mischief, they’ll start inventing their own toys like stealing your remote control, pushing the buttons on the tv/computer – anything with buttons! My little girl loved her foam chair at around 11 months because it made her feel like a big girl and she liked copying mum and dad.

Well that’s it for the first 12 months or so. Most toys are dependent on the babie’s development and personal interests. Always look out for the big toy sales because often you can get toys your baby will love at around half price – well worth the money in the end.