Toy Weapons Aren’t Causing Criminal Behavior – Yes

“Hold up your hands partner? I’ve got the draw on you and now I’ve got to cuff those hands.” What fun to play with toy guns and use our imagination to create a game of sheriff and bank robber, or to pretend to be the fastest quick draw. How bout when kids could actually carry a knife and knew that it was for cutting sweet gum sticks or to whittle on a block of wood.

Yes, I played cowboys and had gun fights with friends. We had our six shooters and holsters and rode stick ponies. We shot each other and took turns dying when we were told that we had been killed. None of us have actually ever hurt another person with a gun.

One of the best toys that I ever had was a sling shot. I could play all day with it. All I needed was a good supply of small rocks and a few objects to practice my skill of target hitting. I was pretty good and never had to worry about hurting someone or getting in trouble.

My daddy gave me a small pocket knife of my own when I was about ten years old. I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I could crave my initials in my favorite trees, whittle on wood, cut twine, cut the line on my fishing reel. I could do so many things with my knife. I never tried to harm anyone with it.

We gave our son toy machine guns and he played G.I. Joe. He was the brave American soldier defending his country. He got a knife from my daddy and he learned how to properly use it to cut fishing line and whittle. He never hurt anyone while playing with these toys.

Why would child’s play with toy weapons be a problem? It isn’t the toy nor the playing. It’s the lessons that we teach about the use of these toys. It’s a lesson of what’s right over what’s wrong. Toy weapons that children play with aren’t causing the problems in our society.

We aren’t teaching morale values to our children. We aren’t taking active roles in letting kids know what is acceptable behavior and what conduct is criminal. There will always be those that will blame toy weapons and child play on the taking of a life or the inflicting of pain.

Now that I’m a senior adult, I still remember the fun we had playing with our toy guns. I still carry a knife in my purse. It’s the last one that my daddy carried in his pocket before his death.

My granddaughter has just turned ten and I’m ready for her to play with toy guns and knives or more modern toy weapons. She likes the excitement of spy kid games and the gadgets that they use to shoot their enemies. Do I worry about her actually hurting someone? No, she is being taught to know right from wrong.