Top Ten Items a new Mom needs

You would think that the top ten items that all new moms need would be new stuff. I have compiled a list of ten of the things that would have helped me when bringing home my first child. The facts are  most of the time things are bought ahead of time are all the things that are going to be needed for baby.

Sleep time, it seems very small, but if you know a new mom offer to come by at least once a day and sit and watch the baby for a few hours so that she can get some sleep with no worries. New moms fret over what is going on with their babies while they are sleeping. Having somebody there to give a little relief is a dream.

Sports bra, Not all women own one of these great little inventions. The truth is when the milk comes in and the breast swell it is one of the most painful experiences in the world. A good sports bra will hold things tight and reduce the pain by at least ten times.

Lotion with cocoa butter, Are minds aren’t the only thing that needs to go back to where it once was after a pregnancy. Taking care of your skin is very important for new moms. We stretch and contort in ways that seem almost inhumane at different points in pregnancy.

Endless supply of sweats, There is nothing worse for a new mom than to feel constricted and limited on space. The first thing a new mom wants to do is put on her old jeans the ones that she could not fit into for at least the last five months, but the greatest feeling in the world is a pair of sweats that are about two sizes too big. After spending months where nothing fits emotionally it is great to be able to disappear into your clothes.

Experience, this is not a joke new moms get a lot of help from other moms. The worse kind of vice is advice, but help developing a schedule that has worked for other mothers in the past is a great way to help a new mom.

Spa, a few hours at a spa is one of the most rewarding things a new mom can have after labor and delivery. After spending months growing this little creature inside of you thinking of nothing except the baby, a few hours to think of herself is a good mental exercise for a new mom.

Tissue, After you bring the baby home, your mind and emotions are a mess. Everything forces you to cry. Tissues are a great gift for the new mom.

Space, Every new mom needs a support structure. People should be there to help and not get in the way. It is hard to know where that secret balance is. When bringing a new baby home everybody wants to see it and see you, but sometimes people don’t think about the busyness that is the business of having a new baby.

Good Slippers, The height of comfort is a good pair of comfortable slippers. Nothing in the world helps a person feel better than slippers.

Understanding, it is a major life adjustment to make bringing a new life into this world. It takes time for a new family to make the fit of having somebody else in the house that it has to care for every second of the day. New moms don’t often have the time to meet for lunch or shopping or even the time to stop in for coffee. The best gift is the understanding that this adjustment takes time and that the new mom isn’t finished being your friend, she is trying to cope.

These ten things may seem very hokie and are not most physical items. Most are free and great gifts to give a new mom.