Top 5 Ways to Make a Child Feel Special

It is important to openly communicate, through words and actions, how very special your child is, not only to build a strong relationship between you, but also to instill the self-assurance it takes for your child to navigate his world with confidence.

Ways to make a child feel special:


Giving your child your undivided attention and truly being interested in what he has to say is one way to make your child feel special. It is easy to fall into the habit of interrupting your child, allowing distractions such as telephone calls to interfere when your child is trying to tell you something. Give your child the same respect you would an adult who is talking. Listen attentively and offer positive feedback to let your child know he is valued and what he has to say is important.


When there are family decisions to be made, opinions to be expressed, allow your child to have input. Whether it is something as routine as what you will be serving for dinner, or a major decision like where to go for the family vacation, including your child in the decision-making process will make him feel special.

Give choices

Instead of dictating every aspect of your child’s life, giving choices is an effective way to make your child feel special. “Would you like to wear the red or blue?” or “Shall we have spaghetti or hamburgers tonight, what do you think?” Giving a choice when both options are suitable to you is a valid way to include your child and make him feel important. Having a small element of control over his life makes a child feel very special.

Show and tell affection

Lavish affection on your child with both physical and verbal gestures. Praise his achievements and positive behavior, show up at his activities to cheer him on, be generous with hugs and kisses.

Institute a “Special day”

Celebrate your child with a special day in his honor, besides his birthday, when special treatment is expected. Allow everything on his special “unbirthday ” to be about him. Serve his favorite foods, play his favorite games, watch his favorite television programs and buy him a surprise gift. This is an especially good idea when you have multiple children, as a way to make each feel special on “his” day, and to instill awareness and appreciation among the siblings for each other’s individual uniqueness.


Ensure to spend some one-on-one time with your child. Take him along on errands, talk to him, read to him, laugh with him, never fail to tuck him into bed at the end of each day with “I love you,” being the last words he hears.

For even more suggestions on how to make your own child, or any other young person in your life, feel special, obtain a copy of Vicky Lansky’s book, “101 ways to make your child feel special,.” This cleverly illustrated book of parenting ideas will ensure you never run out of ways to make your child feel special.