Too much Time on Computer

Let’s face it: Computers provide cheap, easy entertainment for our children. Although there are many beneficial aspects to the family home computer such as, assisting with homework, learning new things, and communicating with friends and relatives, children of all ages become easily distracted with how entertaining a computer can be. Whether is it a desktop, laptop, or even an iPod, children can watch movies, tv, listen to music, and play endless hours of games that can eat away at their physical health. The technology that computers bring to the world is great and the benefits far outweigh the risks, if the risks are managed properly. Finding ways to integrate the world of computers into the outside world can help you manage the delicate balance between the online and offline worlds.

The first step is to use the internet to your advantage. Use it to look up fun activities, new recipes, and how-tos. Ask your children to help you find projects that your can do together. Learning something new can be fun for the entire family. The internet has a plethora of information for anything that you may want to do. Youtube for example, has great how-to videos for anything for finding out how to play your favorite song on the piano, make your favorite dessert, or tie-dye t-shirts. Users from all over the world have created fantastic tutorials on all of your favorite subjects.

The next step is to walk away. Computer addiction can be detrimental to your child’s development. It is very easy to lose track of time while on the computer. Following a schedule can help with this problem. Setting time limits on electronic devices may not make you the world’s most favorite parent, but it will help your child learn to use their time effectively. This addiction can follow them into adulthood. Encourage your young children to play outside and your older children to go out with friends and explore the outside world. Play a game together with your children. This will help strengthen the bond between your family. When family members separate and do their own thing, it deteriorates the bond that is formed within the family unit. Communicate often with your children and they will eventually reciprocate the gesture.

The final step? Relax. If your child is healthy, has a social life, and does not show signs of depression or other psychological disorder, there probably isn’t a reason to worry. If you are concerned about your child’s health, talk to his pediatrician who can give you more tips and information on managing the amount of time your child uses the computer.