Toddlers at Play with Abandon can also be Fun and Safe

Toddlers are exploring their little world. A toddler may seem rough at times, when they’re at play. Toddlers haven’t learned the virtue of patience at that tumultuous age. You might see them yank a small dogs leash in order to get them to move at their hurried, frantic pace. Toddlers don’t realize that they’re being rough. After all, they’re just engaging in enthusiastic play. Fortunately, a toddler can be taught to be more gentle in their play with others.

It’s not true that toddlers are heavy handed. It is true that they may not have the finesse or dexterity to be gentle at times. A toddler at play is akin to bulls in a glass china cabinet. It would be best for parents to put away delicate items until the toddler learns how to conduct themselves around delicate items in your home. That delicate crystal should not be in hands reach for a toddler. 

Pretty items are attractive to most people and toddlers are no exception to the attraction of that pretty crystal vase displayed on the coffee table. They simply don’t know how to handle that type of object. Even, some adults are clumsy with delicate crystal items.

It may take  a little patience from the parents  and a time out if they continue in that rough behavior pattern of play. Toddlers should be taught to take turns in their play. Everyone will get a chance to kick the soccer ball outside on the lawn or at a park.

A toddler should be taught the difference in outside play and indoor play. Definitely, a toddler should be in a fenced in play area with lots of lawn to run and play on. While in the home, a designated play area should be pointed out for the toddler. Sliding down a banister or jumping down stairs is a dangerous game for these daredevil toddlers.

The socialization of most toddlers is usually taught in kinder care. Yet, parents can help socialize their children with relatives and toddler in the neighborhood. A toddlers birthday party may offer them an opportunity to engage in orderly play without the usual rough housing that kids enjoy. A line should be formed for the pinata. Forming a line encourages orderly conduct at birthday parties.

Another time parents should enforce the rules of gentle play is when children that are younger are around. A ten month old baby giggles with glee as they are engaged in play with a toddler. Often times, you might hear a parent caution the rambunctious toddler to be careful playing with the baby.

A toddler can learn what is appropriate play. Play time should be fun and safe for your toddler. The play area should be rid of any harmful objects such as hard balls or sticks. The rule of thumb is , if it’s dangerous it needs to be removed from the play area. Your toddler can play with abandon , just as long a it’s safe and fun for the children.