Tips to Survive Band Camp

Band camp is a lot of hard work. In order to survive the ordeal called band camp and still want to part of the band is simply proper packing. Whether you are traveling to another location or just meeting at the school every morning matters not. There is packing to be done.

Pack good shoes

The most prepared musicians come to band camp with good shoes that have been broken in. Marching is hard on the feet.  A new pair of shoes will likely put some blisters on the feet after a few hours of marching. If you must wear fairly new shoes, bring rubbing alcohol and Band-aids. The rubbing alcohol wiped directly on the shoe will make it flexible and the Band-aids will help cover the blisters.

Pack weather protection

Band camp goes on through rain, snow, sweltering heat, and everything in-between. So bring all the right gear. This means sun screen, gloves, lip balm, sweater, rain gear, hat and anything else your mother suggests. There is no way to control the weather, the only thing you can do is be prepared for it.

Pack a ready instrument

If the instrument needs reeds, have plenty. It is hard to beat a drum if there are no drum sticks. If it needs to be cleaned do it before you come.

Pack extra socks

The best socks for band camp are the ones that are designed for wicking. These socks pull moisture away from the feet. There are some excellent socks made of bamboo fibers that work well.

Extra socks make all the difference between wet uncomfortable feet and dry warm feet. It is a no brainer.

Pack water

Dehydration and sun stroke can be prevented simply by wearing the right clothes and drinking the right amount of water. Do not plan on the camp to provide water.  Bring plenty of your own. It is a good idea to freeze it half way and add fresh water in the morning. This should help to have some cool water all day.

Pack healthy snacks

There is not a lot of time for lunch and often it is provided by the camp.  If there are special needs or desires, pack some food of your own.  Stay away from sugary foods and stay healthy.  Band camp takes a lot of energy.

Pack the proper attitude

Have a sense of humor. Learning goes much easier with a smile. Have respect for leaders and those around you. Bring plenty of patience, not everyone learns at the same speed.

Clearly, if things get packed right, you should be able to handle almost anything, even band camp.