Tips to help Child Cope with Emtional Problems

Every child goes through, some kind of emotional disturbances, as they go through the hassles of life before reaching adulthood. Emotional problems in children when dealt at a right age can bring lasting effects, making them healthy adults of future. Emotions such as joy, fear and anger and secondary emotions such as embarrassment, shame, guilt play a critical role in organizing the child`s behavior throughout their lives.

When a child is emotionally stressed, the common expression is uncontrolled anger and an aggressive behavior. Some children withdraw themselves from their surrounding, ending themselves in depression. Some children present themselves, with a loss of confidence and reduced self esteem. Whatever be it, emotions, when they cannot be controlled by the child becomes emotional problems, that can seriously affect the child`s development in various areas of life. Here are below, seven tips to help children, cope with behavioral problems.

Unconditional love and quality time from parents. Helping children to vent out, what they feel. Encouraging healthy habits Reducing stress at home. Helping children to improve coping and problem solving skills. Prayer and meditation Creating a safety plan in case of highly susceptible kids.

Show unconditional love and quality time from parents

The root of most of the emotional problems in childhood is either love deprivation or conditional love. Hence parents and caretakers of children with emotional problem should provide them with unconditional love and spend quality time of interaction with them.

Help children to vent out

Listening to children empathically, and encouraging them to vent out their feelings, can keep children from building up pressure. Correct ways to diffuse anger, like time outs and distractions can also be taught to children, according to their age.

Encourage healthy habits

Encouraging the child to have healthy habits such as, outdoor play, exercise, healthy diet, good sleep and less screen time, all of them play a vital role in helping child to cope with their emotions.

Reduce stress at home

Grief and loss in any family can have a big impact on the emotional wellbeing of the children. Hence it is the responsibility of the parents, to provide a secure and stress free environment to the children, at home. If the parents themselves are going through emotional stresses, and are unable to deal it themselves, then it is better that they meet a counselor and get them resolved.

Help children to improve coping and problem solving skills

 Negative thoughts in children, can be removed by encouraging child to approach a problem in a different prospective. Encouragement, praise and placing achievable targets can enhance a child`s problem solving ability.

Pray and meditation:

Prayer and meditation can help children to trust in God, for problems that they cannot solve. Prayer and meditation, can also relax a child`s mind, making it peaceful and tranquil.

Create safety plan for highly susceptible kids:

Children who have no control over their emotions, and have expressed their wish to die, should be dealt very carefully, by creating a safety plan at home, with a good list of phone numbers, to call up when they cannot control their emotions. Children taking antidepressants should be treated cautiously. Parents should be prepared for any emergency, handling highly susceptible children.

Dealing emotional stresses at a very early age is the dynamic approach for treating emotional problems, than treating it as a full-fledged disorder. Hence, healthy parenting is mandatory for the emotional well-being of children.


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