Tips to get your Toddler to Eat Healthy

Parents want to teach children how to be the best that they can be for their future. This can vary from things that make them happy in life, how to live a full life, and most importantly how to live a healthy life. Eating healthy at an early age is one of the most important habits parents can teach their children. Starting this early will hopefully guide children to develop the right eating habits for their later life. Below are examples of techniques for toddlers to eat healthy at an early age and keep them strong.

You are what you eat

Even as toddlers they will learn what they see in front of them. By having your own healthy habits and eating healthy in front of the little ones they will see that you are eating something tasty and healthy and want to try or eat it too. Set an example for your children as you sit down to eat something for a snack or any other meal in the day. Rather than picking up the soda pop exchange it for water. Instead of eating something like a bag of potato chips, pick up some celery sticks or carrot sticks.

If you notice your toddler is watching what you’re doing and looks like they might want to try it. Give them a tiny piece that they can chew and swallow without choking. If they don’t like it, you know it’s not the right food for them and they will too. Often baby foods come in a variety of fruits and vegetable blends, so try feeding your child one of those in the beginning and find out what they like.

Provide healthy snacks

Much like your own health, toddlers need to have their own individual eating habits and styles. It’s important for them to eat healthy snack choices such as fruit and vegetables. With toddlers it might seem impossible to find the perfect snack to give them to eat, but with the help of What to Expect there are a wide variety of delicious and healthy snacks to get your toddler use to.  

Eat at the table

Gerber suggests having your toddler eat at the table or highchair and away from television or electronics. By promoting a stable eating environment this will develop good eating habits with your youngster. They will be able to see that you are eating at the table for every meal. While they are young eat at the table with them, even if you are not eating at the same time. This will also help promote a sense of the meal as being a bonding time for them.

With these tips teaching a toddler to eat healthy should come with ease. If you are currently not taking the best care for yourself when it comes to eating healthy it is time to start for yourself as well. These healthy habits are important to follow and will lead you and your child to a happier healthier future together for years to come.