Tips for Women to Quit Smoking during Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy can cause serious health problems to the baby and when women smoke, they inhale poisonous toxins such as, nicotine, carbon monoxide, lead and arsenic into their systems, which travels into the placenta. The placenta is the tissue that helps connect the mother with the fetus. It sends in oxygen, important nutrients and eliminates wastes and these poisons will prevent it from receiving the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen it needs so desperately for growing.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a women’s website that publishes articles and gives advice to expectant mothers said that between 12 – 20 percent of pregnant women who smoke, put themselves and their babies at risk and over 1,000 babies in the United States die each year because their moms smoked while pregnant.

There are some important tips pregnant women can follow that will help them quit the cigarette habit and start thinking about their wellness and the health of their unborn child.

Have a Plan

Take a notebook or writing pad and start writing down all the reasons why it’s important to quit smoking then set a quitting date, which can be next week, your birthday, wedding anniversary or any other day. Since the baby is growing rapidly, try to set the day as soon as possible.

Keep Yourself Busy

There are going to be times when you’ll have those few minute cravings, they usually occur when walking by a certain place or surrounded by people who smoke. Try to suck on a hard candy or chew a stick of sugarless gum. Start a new habit by taking walks during the evenings instead of smoking after dinner and read a good book about pregnancy.

Get Support

There are several reasons as to why many pregnant women relapse back into smoking. Try not to get too discourage and continue to soldier on. Get your family and friends, co-workers and people closest to you involved by explaining the situation to them and how difficult it is to quit smoking. Having close friends and loved ones involved will make it much easier and if there’s any relative or friends that smoke tell them not to light a cigarette in front of you.  

Keep on Reminding Yourself

It’s a very painful process trying to give up cigarettes, but if you still don’t feel strong enough to quit then keep reminding yourself as to why it’s important. Most smokers will have their own reasons as to why they don’t quit, but you’ll have to be a little more specific about your reasons and continue to remind yourself how dangerous cigarettes are to you and your baby.

Talk to Your doctor

There are products known as nicotine replacement packages that are sold behind the counter, they usually come in the form of a patch, lozenges or gum, but most of these products contain some form of nicotine. Please talk to your doctor first before starting any nicotine replacement therapy. Your doctor may discuss what is more beneficial for you and the baby.


There are support groups and organizations that will help pregnant women quit smoking. Here is a list of resources that will help make a difference in your life.

The National Partnership for Help Pregnant Smokers Quit

Baby Center

March of Dimes

American Lung Association

Government Smokers Hotline

1(800) quit-not or log onto