Tips for Video Taping Babys first Holiday

Creating a video record of your baby’s first holiday is not as easy as it may sound. Having your camera at the ready does not mean you will always produce a video that will be worth watching when you get home. To make the best of your filming effort, it would be extremely worthwhile having some plan of action to ensure you get the footage you want without becoming obsessed with filming every moment of the holiday. Ther are basically two methods you can use to produce your first baby holiday video. You can film continuously and edit when you get home or you can choose to be selective in your filming to capture only the kind of scenes you will want to keep for future viewing.

One thing to avoid when filming your baby at any time, is shooting scenes that they will find offensive or embarrassing years down the line. It may be a great laugh at the time but if your video includes such scenes, it will only serve to prevent you showing your movie to others in the future. Because you are filming a baby’s first holiday, the scenes you choose to shoot will likely be ones that cannot be repeated in a home environment. For example, the holiday may be the first opportunity to take the baby into the swimming pool and this would be a scene you will enjoy watching in future. Anything the baby will be doing for the first time while on holiday would usually be worth capturing on tape.

Another thing to keep in mind is the scenery where you take your holiday. If you are visiting a place that has well-known landmarks, it would be good to shoot footage of your baby with the background showing. It will be good for them to look back on when they are older, to know what it was like when they visited the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sydney Opera House or London Bridge. As a baby, they will remember nothing about their first holiday but a good video record is something they can look back on in later life.

Home videos can often be very boring and tedious affairs to watch, even for the family who are featured in them. One reason for this is that the tendency is to take far too much footage. If you are constantly taking video while on holiday, you will surely end up with more film than you want and which will not be enjoyable to watch. Another mistake is to keep the camera rolling too long when shooting scenes. Keep the scenes to just a few seconds rather than minutes as this again can be tedious to watch.

The goal when video taping your baby’s first holiday is to shoot a series of highlights that will remind you of your holiday and give you an entertaining film to show others, including your baby when it gets older.