Tips for Surviving Bed Rest during Pregnancy

Most of the time, being pregnant is a time of great joy. The miracle of having a little life growing within you, a union between you and the man you love, is absolutely awe-inspiring. For many women, however, it is also a time of anxiety and problems. Some have to spend most of the nine months in bed, only getting up to use the bathroom. The reason can be incompetent cervix, high blood-pressure or multiple pregnancy, just to mention a few. Some even have to stay in hospital for complete monitoring.

What can you do to alleviate the discomfort that usually results from complete bed rest? A common problem when lying down for extended periods is losing muscle tone, making the joints ache. To improve your blood-circulation, helping the muscles to get enough oxygen, do some light exercises. (Before doing anything during a high-risk pregnancy, always ask your doctor!) Move your arms and legs around in circles, one at a time. Squeeze a small, so-called stress-ball. Tighten a muscle, then relax it. Tighten the next muscle, relax it, and so on, going through all the muscles in your body. Avoid doing any exercise which include your abdominal muscles.

It is also advisable to continue having a routine in your day. Change clothes in the morning, fix your hair and make-up. Have a program for each day, but allow yourself to stray a bit if you get tired. After all you are pregnant!  Being in bed doesn’t mean you are completely helpless. There are many things you can do. It is a great time to read about giving birth and having children. Organizing your photo-albums, writing letters or making phone-calls are also activities that are easily done while lying down. After the baby is born there will be little or no time for these things. Catch up on reading, maybe that book everybody is talking about.

Preparing the nursery and baby’s clothes is also possible, thanks to the Internet or telephone. You can order most things on-line, including diapers. It is good to stock up,  you will need more things than you can imagine. While you are at bed-rest, somebody else also has to do all the chores you used to do. Planning the shopping or even doing it on-line, can be a great help. Write lists, maybe telling them where in the shop certain items you prefer can be found.

Being forced to lie down during pregnancy can be a real nuisance. Learning to rely on others, asking for help with even the smallest task is not always easy. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for what they are doing for  you. Make the best out of your situation by trying to keep a positive attitude. Remember that all of this is to help you give birth to a healthy child, and it’s only temporary!