Tips for Reducing Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

About 60 to 70 percent of women, experience lower back pain during their pregnancies. It is a natural process when you are having a baby, because the womb enlarges inside your body, therefore it’s only natural that the size, and weight, of the womb is going to cause different pains in the lower extremities of a woman’s body.

The best activity to helped me was to stand with you back straight against the wall. Make sure your shoulders, head, and elbows are straight against the wall, then move your feet about two feet from the wall. Standing like that for about ten minutes helps to straighten your hole back and therefore, it relieves some of the pain in the lower back.

Some women carries their unborn child high as they say, therefore they do not experience too much lower back pain until the baby fall in the later part of their pregnancy; because the womb does not sit on the lower part of the back, it sits higher in the body. But this can possibly cause other discomforts to the woman. In this case, the woman may experience great discomfort when the child gets her/his arm or leg, caught under the rib in the top of her stomach. This is very painful, and uncomfortable. If this happens, try rubbing your finger tips around the area, putting slight pressure in the down ward strokes only; sometimes this helps to dislodge the arm or leg. I know this has nothing to do with the lower back, but I thought I would mention it anyway. I know that I am not the only woman that has gone through that experience.

In most women that carry low, as the saying goes, the womb will be lying low in the body, and will cause lower back pain, along with other discomfort as well. When the womb is in the lower part of the body, the woman will also experience continuous trips to the bathroom, usually only dribbles at a time, but quite frequent.

There are a few ways in which I dealt with the lower back aches, one is that I would sit on a spinal tube, this is a smaller version of a car tube, but it helps to take the pressure off the lower back, thus, relieving the lower back pain. Another thing that can be done is for the woman to lie on her side, with a pillow under her belly, and one against her back. This also helps take the pressure off the lower back.

Ladies, when you are cleaning your toilet, bath tub, oven, or anything that you have to bend at the waist to clean, try kneeling down on the floor on a cushion. The more you bend, the more tensed up your back muscles become, and it is the tension in the back muscles that causes backaches.

Sitting on a chair with a pillow or cushion behind your back, and your feet slightly raised on a foot stool, relaxes the muscles in the lower back region. While standing, stand straight so the spinal cord is straight instead of leaning in one direction or another. Anything that takes the pressure off of the lower back will relieve the stiffness of the spinal cord and relaxes the muscles in the lower abdomen.

Another thing that I found that gave me a little relief, was to have small, round balls wrapped in a cloth, and gently rolled across your lower back in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. This softens the tensed muscles, therefore, relieving the pain. If you do not have any small balls, you can use rounded ice cubes wrapped in a towel, and roll in a circular motion around the lower back. Some times, the ice cubes will work better than the balls, because you have to coldness of the ice to help cool the muscles.

Those were just a couple of things that I found to be helpful when I carried my children, and I hope they may be of some help to someone that is experiencing these problems. I also know that there are a lot of you ladies out there that will know exactly what I am talking about.