Tips for Raising Teens to have High self Esteem

It is important for teens to have high self-esteem.  This attribute can follow them into adulthood and help make them happier and more successful in life.  Consider the following strategies.

Praise them

It is important for teens to be praised by their parents.  Even if they seem not to care (does “Awww, mom” sound familiar?) it is still important to give them praise.  Most people feel pleased when someone tells them that they did a good job.  It is especially important to do this when your child has worked hard on something, such as when they are playing in the talent show or mastered a sport or an instrument. 

Be there to support him or her in their different activities

You want your teen to understand that you think what they do is worth a lot.  This will help them feel like they are worth a lot too.  Make an effort to attend the soccer games.  Travel with them to the state science fair.  Be there for them.  You want them to know that you have the time to spend with them.  Also, it is important to just give them activities that they can succeed in.  Encourage them to get out there and try for different things. 

Be careful in the bad things you say about them

This is not to say that you are not going to discipline or correct your child, but there are some things you should never say.  You should never tell your child that he or she is worthless, no matter how angry he or she gets you.  You should never ever tell them that you are sorry for their presence or that you wish they would just go away.  They should not catch you talking bad about them to someone else.  Even one insensitive statement can remain with them for a lifetime, even if you do not mean it. 

Tell them that they are worth a lot

You should make sure to talk to them about self-esteem.  Make sure that they know how much you think they are worth.  If you think that they are having problems with their self-esteem then you should address them so that they do not grow into larger problems.  If the problem seems to be very serious then you can purchase books on the subject or even go with them for counseling if the problem warrents it.

You want your teens to grow up with high self-esteem levels.  The above strategies can help promote this in your children.