Tips for Naming your Baby

With the onslaught of celebrities naming their children after fruits dreaming up the perfect name for you baby seems incredibly difficult these days.

It used to be that people chose names out of meaning in their personal life like naming children after parents or loved uncles but these are the times when anything goes. I have a niece who’s name is faith and another who’s name is shady, the neighbors daughter is named melody and her friend just named a baby girl beautiful, yes I said beautiful.

Originally naming a baby was out of the context of the bible and there are some pretty wild names in there I tell ya, but then there is also the old stand bye’s as well like Michael or Mary.

There is a lot to be said about the people who name the babies more so than the actual name, and really the child has to live with it their whole life. Think on that for a minute. Recently another niece of mine named her daughter Tetley and I had to ask “like the teabag?” I could not help myself I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

You have to imagine what it was like for you as a teenager how the littlest thing, like a name, could make or break your popularity. As well there is fitting the dang thing on a drivers license, and oh, what about when you start creating resumes how seriously are people going to take some one named beautiful, there are gonna be questions and not to you the parent but to the child.

Children ask why and children recognize when their name is different from the other classmates they want to know whatever possessed you and what are you gonna tell them. These are the more important things about naming a child, yes you can choose far out there very original names like you would name a guinea pig or a dog.

This is your child and do you really want that child to have to explain their whole life to others how much gas you were breathing while giving birth?
By all means try to be original, but for gosh sakes remember they have to live with it.