Tips for Limiting your Childs Television Time

The television is enjoyed by many children; however, the amount of time in front of the screen may be too much. If television time is limited and other activities are enjoyed it can be beneficial and a healthy part of your child’s life. However, if the time in front of the screen seems to be their main vice, it is time to put a limit on it. Too much time in front of the television can be damaging to a child’s development, as they are not exploring other areas of life.

Here are some tips for limiting your child’s television time:

• New activities

A way to reduce your child’s television time is by introducing new activities to find something that is enjoyed. Exploring new activities can be fun in itself, and eventually an activity can become a new interest. This gives your child something else which is fun and enjoyable to grab their attention. There are many different activities to be explored, and this is a great way to find out your child’s interests and strengths. Having other interests that hold your child’s attention is great for limiting television time.

• Family time

Schedule more family time to bring the family unit closer together. Children love to get attention from their parents, and be involved in family life. If activities or daily tasks are made as family times it will increase the amount of time that is spent together, and therefore less time in front of the television. A fun family activity can take place any day and can be fun for all involved. Playing games, going for a nature walk or sharing a common interest is a great way to get the children active.

• Exercise

Get the family together to practice some form of exercise on a regular basis. This is important for health and well-being and sharing the activity as a family can make it more fun. The exercise can be whatever is best suited to the family, and what the children are likely to engage with the most. Sports are a great way to get some physical activity without the exercise seeming like a chore. The form of exercise can change from time to time to keep it interesting. Children that are active are more likely to want to lead a more active lifestyle.

• Get the children involved

If your children have little else to do, they are likely to spend more time in front of the television. Too much television is never a good thing, as they need to remain active and gain knowledge from experiencing different things in life. To avoid and limit their time in front of the screen get them more involved with the everyday tasks that need to be completed. Make it fun, and express the need for a helper. If it seems like a chore they are likely to show no interest. However, if they believe you need help and they are allowed to carry out grown-up tasks, their interest may be sparked.

• Lead the way

Often television sets can just be on in the background for background noise, which makes it part of daily life. It is important to remember to switch off the T.V and only turn it on when programs are being viewed. The family will adapt to the changes and many positives will be experienced from this. Make new rules about television time to limit the amount of exposure. However, ensure to make this a positive change, and avoid mentioning reducing television time. This can cause a battle and disgruntled children who are not likely to cooperate. Find alternatives for them that are appealing and make the change a positive one.

• Just the one T.V set

Many households have a collection of television sets dotted around the home which sets up unhealthy habits. In reality, only one television set is actually needed. This is one way to limit and monitor viewing habits. T.V sets in the bedroom encourage bad habits, and are likely to increase viewing time. Instead of having T.V sets, provide reading material which is more conducive for promoting calmness ready for sleep. Limiting the home to one television set can see major improvement, there may be tears, but hang in there and soon the family will become more connected.

Changing television viewing habits may seem like a battle at first, and the children may be outraged and put up a fight. However, remain positive about the change and replace screen time for other activities that are fun and engaging. Get the children more involved in family life and find new hobbies that spark interest. This change is healthier for all the family as is provides more time for connecting and sharing special moments.