Tips for Keeping Kids Fit without Team Sports

Keeping kids fit is essential. But what if your child doesn’t like team sports? In the school I went to the boys were expected to like football or rugby, the girls hockey or netball. I hated all team sports. I particularly hated the team choosing exercise we had to endure every sport lesson. It only managed to reinforce the fact that I was useless at these events.

Both my children have hated the typical team events played at school. So how as parents can we encourage them to stay interested in sports without forcing them to take part in team sports.

Firstly speak to your child’s school. Ask what sporting activities they offer that are not team based. If they don’t provide individual opportunities, you should ask why.

Visit the local sports center to see what’s available. Swimming, trampolining, cross country running, gymnastics are all great solo sports.

But sometimes you need to be a little more creative to get your kids interested. Try karate, kick-boxing, roller-skating, ice-skating. There are also several dry ski slopes around to have a go at skiing or snowboarding. Go on a bike ride, skateboard etc.

My son and I run most days. He’s six. We race to a certain point, then walk, then race. It keeps us both fit and we both really enjoy the time together.

Sports learned at school are often quite regimental. For some kids the whole experience of taking sport at school is torture. As a parent you have to make sport fun. It should never be forced. A healthy interest in sports as a child will stay with them throughout their lives. It’s a valuable gift you can give them now, to last a lifetime.

Take a look on the Internet. Go onto google an type in the words “Fit Kids”. You’ll get a whole load of inspirational advice and ideas.

Keeping fit is not always about taking a typical sport. Keeping fit is about being active. As long as you are offering plenty of opportunity for activity your kids will be fine. Playing in the back garden, going on a treasure hunt, helping with the garden, housework, building a castle in the backyard, playing at the beach are all excellent ways to keep fit. Join in and your kids will love it all the more. Have fun!