Tips for Husbands during Pregnancy

It is the dream for every women to be a mom.Therefore Pregnancy is the most vital moment and experience for a women. But it doesn’t complete without the support of her husband. It is a journey in which both sail together and share equal responsibilities. Therefore it is the ideal time to share and enjoy every single moment and forget all the unwanted and unhappy moments if happened so.

This is a crucial time when the hormones in a woman’s body keep changing and result in a different moods. She may be excited sometimes or felt sorrow or sadness or crying. Sometimes she may be yelling or feeling pain or vomiting. There will be different changes in the way body operates and that may have an negative or uncomfortable effect on the body. So obviuosly she may be little cranky or emotional or rude in behavior. But all of these are part and parcel of this pregnancy period. So the husband needs to play a pivotal role in supporting every single step her wife.

It is a time when a husband should show sheer determination , support , dedication , love and patience. He is the best friend and partner. So he should show how much does he care for her. This is the time he should cope with the situation and be prepared and flexible with it. He should control his temperment and act intelligently in any family matter. If he can keep calm and quite then his wife also can maintain the same behavior.This will keep the wife happy and secured which is very important during this period.The husband should spend most of his time after work with his wife. They should enjoy each moment.A happy and enjoyable pregnancy delivers a healthy baby. Pregnancy is not only a feminine thing but it is a collaborative effort and mutually respectable experience for a couple.

The first thing is that the husband should keep his wife feeling relaxed and motivated most of the time. He should encourage her to keep herself happy and normal and out from any family or personal tension. He should support her mentally and emotionally. This time women feels little insecure and wants to get support from her husband. So husband should keep himself cool and focused on her wife. It is better if the husband can accompany wife for doctor’s visits and keep an eye on both wife and baby’s health.

He should share his hand in daily family work like cooking , washing etc. He should take care of the fact that his wife shouldn’t do any heavy and hard work specially during the first trimester. The first trimester is very important since this is the time when baby’s eye , brain and heart develop. The second is the safest and third trimesters is the time to wait for the baby. So every trimester normally characterized by different bodily changes. As the time becomes closer , the belly will become bulge and she will be feeling little more uncomfortable during walking , sleeping. This is the duty of the husband to make her comfortable and feel her pain and make it easy. Sometimes she may be nervous in the night if the baby doesn’t move or something else. The husband should actively encourage her and respect her emotions.He should also follow up with the prenatal medicines and other regular medicines. This is the time when the wife should eat healthy foods consistently and it is the responsibility of the husband to monitor that.

So , the mutual understanding and bonding and faith on each other and keeping a piece of mind and being with the wife always can make a pregnancy as enjoyable and memorable as the birth of the baby. Therefore , its all about caring and sharing and that makes a pregnancy with fun and frolic.