Tips for Helping your Child Adjust to a new Community

Adjusting to a new community can be a difficult or exciting depending on the orientation and temperamental disposition of the individual whether old or young. It is the responsibility of the parent to help their children to adjust as fast as possible in a new community. Parents are expected to make this experience a pleasant process.

The following tips will enable parents to help their children adjust to a new community:

*Prepare his mind for the change

It is important that you help your child get prepared mentally for the change. Let him know that the new community is not exactly like the one where you are living presently. Be very honest with your child by making him understand that there may be some things he will not like in the new community but there are also a lot of wonderful opportunities in the new environment for fun, learning and recreation.  

*Get the necessary information about the community

Do your best possible to visit the place before you finally relocate with the family to get first-hand information about the community. In the event that this not possible, the internet offers a lot of information about cities that will be helpful for somebody either visiting or relocating. The information that will be helpful for you and your child includes: the weather, the school system, the culture of the people, natural and man-made landmarks, the stores and shopping malls in the city, the special delicacies that are peculiar to the community, amusement parks, predominant religious practice and worship centres, crime rate, brief history of the city etc. This information will help your child visualize the community ahead of time and enable him love the city.

*Be friends with parents who have children his age

As soon as you get to the new community, make conscious effort to be friends with individual who have children that are in the same age bracket with your child. This will enable your child to easily make friends with other children quickly. Children love to play with their mates and it is the platform provided by the parents that will facilitate healthy associations for the child.  

*Do not hurry your child into acclimatizing into the new community

It is essential that you know ahead of time that it may not be so easy for your child to integrate into the new community quickly. Do not rush him into loving the city or the people. Let him develop affinity for the people, weather, the landscape and the system naturally. 

*Encourage politeness and friendliness

Prepare your child to be friendly with the new people that he will be meeting. Let him know ahead of time some people he will be meeting for the first time may not respond warmly to his offer of friendship but he should be not give up or feel hurt because being cordial is a great virtue.  

*Affirm your child’s progress

Make deliberate effort to praise your child’s effort as he advances in adjusting to the new community. This will help him to make further effort in integrating in the new environment.

These tips are basic in helping your child reduce the rate of nostalgia for the previous place of abode. Parents should be patient if the process takes a little longer than expected.