Tips for Calming down Baby

The first trick to calming down your small baby is to remain calm yourself. Your baby is more intune with you then any other human being in the world will ever be. He or she has spent forty weeks deep inside your womb and during that time they have taken part in all of your emotions. Don’t think for an instant that the unborn child inside of you is not aware of you or what you are feeling or doing on the outside world. They are very aware of you and every emotion that you are undergoing. All they have to do all day inside of you during the last trimester is listen to the sound of your voice and your heart beating. They feel our emotions, I believe during that wonderful time period.

So when your baby is born it tunes in on you. When I delivered my son three weeks ago via c section he was crying and screaming when they lifted him over the current into my waiting arms. But then I spoke to him for the first time in my calm voice and the most miraculous thing happened, he stopped crying and he tried to focus on me and intently listen to the sound of my voice. He knew his mothers voice. He had listened to me for forty weeks and he knew me when he arrived outside the womb. This happens with all mothers right after the birth experience. It is a wonderful bonding moment. During that time period that your little one focuses in on you he or she also becomes familiar with your smell. It is scientifically proven that a newborn will know only its mothers scent and it will be able to seek her out by scent alone. It will prefer her breast milk over any other breast milk.

So your baby knows you and is in tune with you. So remain calm and your baby will calm down. Hold it and talk soothingly to him or her. Let them know how much yo love them Always remain calm. Even if your infant isn’t feeling well just remain calm. Swaddle the baby and rock them. Gently rub their hair. Try to hold them close to your heart. If swaddling doesn’t work then skin on skin contact is miraculous too. Let your babies cheek rest against your skin. They love the warmth of our skin and they relish in feeling close to you.

Basically a sense of being calm and heaping lots and lots of love on your baby will eventually calm him or her down. Your baby wants you too. Sometimes you can work wonders over a spouse or sibling in calming your baby. There is just a bond there that the baby often needs to get from only you.