Tips for Calming down Baby

Ever feel so lost that nothing will help? To reach out and call someone feels so foolish? You are babysitting your two nieces, one is only 8 months old and she is screaming? Your kids are already 9 and 10 and you should still remember how to do this shouldn’t you?

Oh how the memories rush back to that helpless moment when you have tried everything, checked everything and nothing, just nothing comes to you.. Should you spoil your sister’s only night out in over 18 months by making that phone call to tell you that you can’t settle her and she needs to come home… or can you think of what will work? Surely it will come back to you. Or did you truly ever know what worked before on your own children?

That feeling of being lost.. oh how clear it soon becomes after that first five minutes of crying. You aren’t sure if you should be crying too, with the baby, even though you aren’t tired, well yet anyway!

I just wonder if we ever did work it out or that our children just got older, learn’t how to speak and we then knew the problem before to many tears came. What moment does this happen anyway? I am trying to think at the point when I let go of that feeling of pain, that feeling that you can not help. Obviously it can come back just as quick but why haven’t I felt it in so long?

I believe that the best advice we can do with our babies is start at the top of ‘what can be wrong’ list and tick them off, not literally of course, then when you reach the end of that list and there’s no temperature and the massage, bath, rocking doesn’t work, just stop. You need to take up a comfortable position, lets say, on the couch, relax as much as you can, this is so important and … I found that feeling of relief just minutes away when the head went heavy,the eyes drooped shut and the silence was so calming and the baby softly, gently went to sleep.

So the feeling of ‘I still have it’ and a quick text to my sister made me the happiest Aunty around. I still had that sinking feeling though, that one where I was so unsure at what point I had lost that hurt, that spot where you have no control. But as I heard a scream from the bedroom and a child, just a couple of years from being a teenager, cry out ‘ice pack!’ I had the quickest feeling of helplessness. Oh yeah, it was still there, will we ever have full control over our emotions as a mother, a parent and a carer? Will we ever wear our heart unexposed again?