Tips for Calming down Baby

Have you ever had the sense that your infant picks up on your mood? That they feel when you are nervous or edgy and seem to react to it despite your outward appearance of calm? You are not imagining things. There are babies born into the world who are actually more sensitive to stimulus than other children. These children are often referred to as ‘high-strung’, which is true in the case of their nervous systems which are more responsive and more easily triggered than other peoples. A sensitive child may require specialized care and soothing to develop normally without anxiety or painful shyness.

Sometimes it is necessary to change your own lifestyle for the sake of your child, particularly if you are a moody or highly active woman who has given birth to a highly responsive baby. In these cases, you must find ways to regulate the environment and limit stimulus so that your child is not over stimulated all the time. It is important to create a soothing, quiet place where your child can develop in a healthy way. Limit noise pollution in your residence, avoid gadgets and toys that employ bright lights and loud sounds, do not go, go, go all day on errands and outings with your child. You should still take them out of the house, but limit the amount of time you spend in frenetic environments.

Your mood will always be a factor with a highly responsive infant. If you are stressed and nervous, sometimes the best thing you can do for your baby is not to be in close physical contact with them when you are feeling stressed. Even children who do not have over developed nervous systems can pick up on your emotions from the way you hold them, the tone of your voice, and the sharpness of your motions. Sometimes laying your child down in a safe place, like a bassinet while you calm your mind or finish a task that is causing you stress is the best technique for limiting their stressful response. A stressful mood around a sensitive infant tends to have the snowball effect: your mood makes them cry, their cries make you more edgy, your edginess makes them even more anxious, and on until you both are reduced to tears and screaming. If there is someone who can help you through a difficult day, like a spouse or a grandparent, call on their help. It is best for both mother and child to have a soothing presence in a difficult circumstances. Best of all, when you are relaxed you can hold your baby and reassure them. Skin to skin contact has been shown to strengthen premature infants in a hospital setting. If rocking bothers your baby, try holding them gently in a horizontal position and moving them slowly side to side with your arms. This is a gentle motion, and it can lull a sensitive child to sleep when rocking might upset their nervous system. Enjoy your baby. Their infancy passes all too fast.