Third Trimester what to Expect during the last three Months of Pregnancy

I’m currently thirty four weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy. So I know what to expect during my third trimester. By now I’m ready to have my little bundle of joy. I’m officially tired of being pregnant. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant but it feels like its been forever now and I’m excited to hold my baby so the days feel as if they are dragging by.

The number one thing that hits in this last trimester is the fatigue. I’m extremely tired. Not sleepy tired but physically tired. It takes so much more energy to do everything. But sleep is illusive. I only average about five or six hours a night. I cannot get comfortable even with the use of pillows. I sleep on my left side but then it goes numb and I roll to my back but then I cannot breath well so I roll to my right side but that goes numb too. I use a variety of pillows to find some comfort but those don’t aid too much. I also experience the dreaded ‘charley horses’ at night. They hit without warning and wake me up. They can strike in my feet or my calves. But they are extremely painful. I have tried eating bananas for the potassium but they don’t help lessen the attacks. Also I have to urinate all night long. It was like that in the first trimester too but changed in the second trimester. So I find myself awake half the night dealing with all these issues.

I also find myself nesting. I’m driven to clean, clean, clean. And to arrange and make sure that everything is in order for the upcoming baby. So I spend a lot of my time doing that, it seems.

The indigestion is horrible and I deal with that the best I can by using Tums or Rolaids. But it usually strikes me the worst in the evenings.

Then there are the dreaded hemorrhoids which come and go. My doctor says they are caused from the pressure of the baby dropping down into my pelvis. I use over the counter creams and I take nice warm bathes which help but they are still uncomfortable and painful when they flair up.

I also suffer from pelvic pain in my pelvis from the baby. Plus back pain and pain in both legs. Sometimes its impossible to get comfortable from sitting to laying down to standing.

But pregnancy is a beautiful experience despite all the drawbacks in the finale trimester. But at least I’m close to having my precious baby and everything is worth that.