Things you can Learn from your Grandparents

There are so many things you can learn from your grandparents and every one of them could be considered part of the greatest lessons you will ever learn in life. What we learn from our grandparents can make us a better person in the long run, as well as enable us to treasure those lessons throughout our entire life.


In a large number of families, the grandmother is often revered as the matriarch of the family. Grandmother’s wisdom is held to the highest regard amongst family members and expected to be heeded and applied in the grandchildren’s own lives. Grandmother, the family matriarch, is the person that family members seek out for advice and life’s lessons. Grandfather, often the patriarch is held in the highest regard as the example of a man who teaches grandchildren about hard work and taking care of their own children and grandchildren. Although grandparents may not have attained the highest education or have a clue about the latest technology, grandparents have more wisdom than the greatest scholars on Earth.


Although it is up to the parents to teach their children values, sometimes children just don’t want to hear anything their parents have to say. After all, kids know so much more than parents these days; just ask any teenager. But those same children, who may refuse to abide by the values taught at home, will sometimes listen to grandparents and live by their example of family values.


In this day of job losses, foreclosures, and other economic woes, it is often the grandparents who can teach us the best ways to save money and become more self-sufficient. The vast majority of grandparents have at least some experience in farming or at least gardening to the degree where they can teach grandchildren to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs to save on grocery bills. Many grandparents have more experience in legitimate self-employment jobs than all the legitimate self-employment opportunities and scams on the Internet combined. Grandparents often teach their grandchildren how to sew, work on cars, recycle, landscape, cook, and more.

Family Tree

Grandparents are an excellent source of information when trying to put together the family tree. Take a step back in time by asking grandparents to pull out the old family album and tell you about the family.


Grandparents just have that knack to make us laugh. No matter how bad we feel on a given day, grandparents cheer us up and have us laughing in no time. Their ability to not get so stressed and caught up in the negativity of the world is a valuable lesson to grandchildren to apply in their own lives.

Unconditional Love

No where else in the world can we go to feel so safe, secure, accepted and loved as a grandparent’s arms. No matter what we have done, no matter what wrong path in life we have taken, no matter who has turned their back on us, grandparents will always be there for us. It’s their nature; it’s who they are; it’s their unconditional love.