Things to do with Young Children during the Summer Holidays

The summer holiday months can be exciting as parents and children look forward to having some time away from school but there are times during these holidays that children may become bored and parents could begin to wish that the holidays weren’t quite so long! There are ways in which you can entertain your young children during the summer holidays that can help both parents and children to really enjoy this time.

Some tips on how to help entertain children during the summer holidays:

* Nature walks

Take advantage of the summer weather and get outside and do some walking! Children can become bored whilst taking a walk so instead of just putting on your best walking boots and heading out on foot, plan ahead and involve your children. Create a nature walk so that your children can be engaged and see the walk as more of an adventure. A nature walk can consist of simply spotting various things on a list or collecting several items such as snails, leaves, feathers and so forth.

* Picnics

Having a picnic can be great for especially for young children. There is something particularly special about getting to eat in the great outdoors and so throw together sandwiches, some crisps, some cocktail sausages and other various items which you can put in a basket and go and find somewhere appropriate to eat it. Just eating on a rug in the back garden can be fun enough you don’t need to go far!

* Play dates

Children love being in the company of other children and during the school holidays they may miss their friends and the interactions. Arrange play dates so that your children can stay in touch with their friends and engage with children their own age. This may also free you some time too as they are able to entertain each other whilst you have some quiet time or perhaps some adult time with the parents of their friends.

* Head out for the day

Take a day trip somewhere which your children will be able to create some long-living memories. Sometimes day trips can be expensive but they don’t have to be. The zoo is a great idea as there is plenty to see and do but it may be expensive. A trip to the beach may be more appropriate if you are on a budget, you don’t need to spend a great deal, children can be easily occupied with just a beach, a spade and the sea to paddle in!

* Creative time

Children love to get creative and if you have a rainy day during the summer holidays and don’t fancy venturing outside then get creative with items you have to hand. Perhaps you could paint some pictures or make some cards or why not look through your cupboards for items which you can make a collage with- some sweet wrappers, dried pasta and bottle tops can be great items to make a textured collage with.

The summer holidays can be great fun and it is possible to find ways in which you can entertain your children whether you are on a budget or not. Play dates and creative time can be great ways to pass any rainy days, and days out and adventure walks with picnics can create great memories of those long, sunny days.