Things to do during the Summer Holidays

Summer: Iced tea, pool parties and afternoon bonfires; kids splashing each other and running around in circles during a hot summer afternoon. That is, until boredom wins over. By the end of the season all to be seen is a messy house, mud footprints and toys scattered all over the house. Summer should be a season of relaxation for parents and kids all the same, so the question is, what do we do during the summer holidays?

Summer camps that involve sports, arts and crafts can definitely be option number one, but it can also be a very expensive solution, and a bad one if your kid is more introverted or shy. A less expensive and equally fun activity is a cheap summer course or day camp at a community center, in which kids participate in fun activities with people their age for very little money.

Some parents want to have their kids at home, so why not plan a few activities to keep them entertained?

For example, attending public readings or just browsing for new books at the library can turn into a fun activity that gives the kids an excuse to learn new things, or just practice their literacy skills.

Camping is also a great family activity and a great opportunity to bond and learn more about each other; whether it is in the living room, the backyard, or the woods, it is always a good excuse to tell scary stories or make s’mores. Also, a walk in the park, fishing, or even a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood can turn into summer favorites. Invite your neighbors and make it a big event or go by yourselves, and learn the names of nearby streets while you’re at it.

It is also good to have backup plans in case of rain, or other ugly weather conditions. For example, make living room forts and tell stories, have a pajama or movie day and accompany it with popcorn, candy or pizza for double the fun. Play board games, or make up your own stories and games and give them a try. Even a game of tag in the dark is a good option for when the little ones are sleepless and ready for more fun.

And of course, it is also fun to raise money while having fun, so why not give a lemonade stand a try? It is cheap, fun, profitable, and will keep the little people entertained for most part of the day. And for those afternoons that are all about the sunset, take a kite outside, and teach your kids to fly, not just the kite, but their imaginations as well.

As you can see, there are plenty of summer activities that involve parents, kids, and can be done in different kinds of weather or facilities. Don’t just think of the summer as the time in which kids turn into little vixens, but as the time in which family fun and relaxing times walk hand in hand.