Things to consider when Adopting a Child

Adopting a child is something that needs to be carefully considered, regarding both the couple who want to adopt, and, more importantly, the needs of the child.

For a couple that desperately wants a child, but can’t have one biologically, then adoption is an alternative that can have a strong pull. But, any couple that does adopt a child must be honest with themselves. Firstly, they need to ask themselves whether they will be able to treat that child just as they would a biological child. Some couples adopt a child or children when they already have biological children, and all the children are equally loved. But, this will not be the case with all couples, especially if the child has emotional issues. 

Telling an adopted child the truth 

Another issue that will need to be addressed is that the child has a right to be told that he or she has been adopted. This news will need to be broken to the child certainly before they reach their teens. If the child is not told at all, but the news is broken to them by another party, then the effect will be traumatic.

It is best that a child that is adopted is two years younger, or more, than any child or children that already lives with a couple. Recently bereaved parents can be vulnerable, and have a sudden urge to adopt a child. This is the most distressing case to make a decision on for all concerned. Though parents, in this instance, may think that wanting to adopt is not an emotional decision, it’s hard to be considered after such a personal tragedy. 

The needs of the child

A couple that adopts will also need to decide the age of any child that they want to take on. As with all children, a couple will need to know whether they can comfortably cope financially, and give the child the life it deserves. If the child comes into a home that is not a happy one, then even a couple with good intentions will not be doing the child any favours.

Prospective adoptive parents should preferably have been in a secure, long time relationship, and not lived in an area a short period of time. They should also be honest with themselves about any health issues that may be problematic in coping with a child. Living space is also a major consideration when thinking of adopting a child. An exuberant child will need enough space to play in. 

Adopting a child is probably an even greater responsibility than bringing up a biological child, and that is why a very young couple will often not be allowed to adopt. Someone with a criminal record will also have to prove themselves capable of being an adoptive parent, more so than individuals with an unblemished record.