Things no one Tells you about your Body after you have a Baby

Moring sickness is the first huge change a woman’s body undergoes when she becomes pregnant. Next, comes extreme loss of energy, and then comes the weight gain, then after that heartburn, aching back, swollen feet and for some women the dreaded stretch marks. Therefore, after all of this things have to get better once the baby comes. Giving birth will take away some of these uncomfortable aches and pains.  That is what you would think, but there are other aches and pains that happen to a woman’s body after giving birth that no one tells her.

Just a few minutes after giving birth, some women experience severe shaking. They will not be cold but the shaking is so violent that it makes their teeth chatter. It usually lasts five or ten minutes but is very miserable while it is happening. Some women actually experience this before birth. I experienced it after the birth of my oldest son and before the birth of my second son. The nurse told me hormone changes cause it.

So the baby is born, your belly should be gone.  Nothing is farther from the truth. For most women the belly remains for several weeks after the baby is born but instead of a tight stomach, you have this flabby bulk of flesh that just hangs there. It wiggles and feels very strange. Drinking a lot of water and beginning an exercise program once your doctor has released you will eventually return your belly to normal.

Labor pain can be very painful for some women and minimal for others. Once the baby is born, you do not expect labor pain any longer. Women who nurse however will experience some cramping pain that labor pain cannot hold a candle to. This usually comes a couple of days after the baby is born. With me, it was more severe than my worst labor pain.  The after pains came every time I nursed and made me want to cry. The health food stores sell a Mother’s Milk tea that helped with after pains.

Some women get heartburn those last weeks of pregnancy due to the hormone changes and the baby putting pressure on your stomach. It takes time for this to subside after the baby is born. It does not just go away instantly. If you experience heartburn, eat bland foods for a while.

Giving birth is one of the best experiences a woman can have. There is nothing more amazing than finally meeting the tiny little person that you have carried around for nine months. The changes in your body will subside and in time, your body will be back to the way it was before you gave birth.