The Top five Male and Female Names of all Time

Each parent has their own reasons for choosing the name to which they give their child. It is common for children to be named after parents, grandparents or other relatives. This may give a deeper or more sentimental value to the name itself. Others want to give their child a more common or popular name. Here you can peruse the top five most popular names of all time for boys and girls, their meanings and origins and brush up on a few well-known people bearing these ever popular labels.

The first most common female name of all time, Mary, is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Of the sea’ or ‘bitter’. Some notable women given this name are actresses Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Pickford and Mary-Louise Parker. Bringing in the blue ribbon for most popular male name of all time is another of Hebrew origin, James, meaning ‘supplanter’. A few memorable men with this designation are actor James Dean, singer James Brown and a classic fictional favorite, Bond, James Bond.

Next up on our list of ladies names is number two of all time with English origins and meaning ‘of noble descent’ is Patricia.  A few celebrities to mention bearing this first name are Patricia Arquette as well as Patricia Richardson. The second most popular name of all time is John. The Hebrew name meaning ‘God is gracious’ or ‘Merciful’. Here are some celebrities and icons that. There are so many wonderful people with this namesake. People like John Ritter, John Candy and John Belushi.

Coming in at number three for the dames is but another Hebrew name.  The name is Elizabeth, which means ‘God is my oath’. You may have heard this name in pop culture referencing queens of England or actresses Elizabeth Hurley and Elizabeth Taylor. The third most popular name of all time for men is Robert. This name is of English origin and means ‘Bright Flame’. There are some very remarkable men baring this brand. A few of the most noteworthy are, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and actor/director Robert Redford.

A lot of people have dialed 867-5309 requesting a variation of the fourth most popular female name of all time. The name Jennifer meaning ‘Fair Phantom’ or ‘White Wave’ is of English origin, but is noted to have spawned from the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar. There are a few Jennifers making waves in today’s pop culture. Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez has given hope to many latino people and young women everywhere. Actresses Jenna Jameson and Jennifer Connelly are very popular as well. For the fourth most popular boys name of all time we have another name of Hebrew origin. ‘Who Is Like God?’ is the meaning of the name Michael. You’re probably familiar with several celebrities who have this signature. There is professional basketball player Michael Jordan and Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps. A few others are actors Michael J. Fox, Michael Douglas and the late entertainer and performer Michael Jackson.

The meaning of the name Linda is ‘Pretty One’. This name of Spanish origin is the fifth most popular girls name ever. Women you may be familiar with bearing this name are actress Linda Evans, musician Linda Davis and journalist Linda Ellerby. Holding tough at number five for the most popular boy’s name of all time is William. This name of English decent is said to mean ‘Strong-willed Warrior’ or ‘Protector’. Some very influential men bore the epithet of William. Artist and poet William Blake, activist, publisher and journalist William Lloyd Garrison, playwright and poet William Shakespeare and Supreme Court Justice and U.S. President William Howard Taft are just a small sample of men named William who have changed the people as whole either in the United States or abroad.

That’s all folks. Those are the top ten names of all time. Mary, Jim, Patty, Johnny, Liz, Bob, Jenny, Mike, Linda and Bill are the most common names for men and women. Chances are, even if you’re familiar with people by these names in the media, you also actually know or are related to several people given the most popular of names.