The Struggle for Indentity among Teenagers

The struggle for identity among teenagers corresponds with the signs that your teenager is having identity issues. That is your clue to help your teenager navigate that all-important terrain of conventional living. The teenage years are often fraught with change and for those teenagers who can’t adapt to that change or transition to an acceptable standard of behavior will find themselves smack-dab in the middle of an identity crisis.

Teenagers who are going through an identity crisis reflect upon the relationship that they have had with their parents or the lack thereof. Also, during this time of transitioning, they will often remain mute or silent rather than seek parental advice. This is their way of silently crying out for help; and yes, parents, you must monitor that behavior to prevent it from escalating into something worse.

Additionally, teenagers who are experiencing identity issues are very good indicators that they are despondent over their sexual orientation. The consensus is for boys to follow their masculine instincts; and for girls, they must showcase their feminine instincts. And so, when these two modalities are not properly developed then the end-result is a lot of confusion for everyone which makes or forces these teenagers to grapple with the larger issue of sexual identity.

The dominant criteria of this malady is that boys will fight this compulsion and take on anything that threatens or don’t conform to their masculinity, while girls will resist the tendency that threatens their femininity. So there must be a balance of how one administers this modality of reciprocity. 

Thirdly, a teenager who have been experiencing identity issues is a sure indicator that he is a candidate for suicide. This often result when the teenager have become despondent over certain masculine issues. For example, threatening a teenager’s developing manhood, especially if that teenager is vulnerable, will expedite these suicidal tendencies. So there must be an immediate reprisal instigated on behalf of the suicidal teen if he or she is going to be helped.

Finally, teenagers have struggled for identity in every age and/or era.  And they have often have had to deal with grown-up issues in finding that sure sense of who they are and what they aspire to be. Some of these teenagers have navigated those pressing issues of identity while others have fallen through the roof in trying to get that foothold on life. But for teenagers who have mastered the intricacies of their own identity can help their fellow teens navigate that road to optimum mental health.