The Secret to Raising Good Children is you

 So, you want your child to be a good citizen and a good person?  Of course you do… Who doesn’t?  Raising a child is not an easy thing to do and with so many bad people in the world these days, it’s important to instill good values and beliefs into your children while they are young.  The sooner that these values are imbued within them, the more likely that they are to continue to stick with them throughout life.  Before we can mold an honest, good natured child, we must sit down and analyze ourselves as parents and role models first.  We simply cannot just put words into our children’s ears; we have to back our beliefs with daily actions to support our words.  Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, our actions that are observed by our child’s eyes are far more important than the lengthy sermons that litter their ears!

During the process of raising a child to be a good citizen and person, it is paramount to make sure that you and your significant other are good citizens.  The concept sounds so simple because it is!  When I was growing up, I wanted to do what my dad did.  Even to this day, I find myself doing a lot of things that emulate what I observed him doing as a younger man.  Never underestimate the power that your actions hold on shaping your child!  Everybody looks for foreign advice from “experts” on how to make sure that their child turns out to be caring and good natured.  The answer doesn’t come from these “experts”.  The answer is within you and always has been.

Now that we have located the source of a child’s behavior, take it upon yourself to improve yourself as a citizen.  Volunteer your time helping others that aren’t as fortunate and make sure your child joins you.  Not only does this supply a lot of time spent together, it fills his or her retinas with an image of their parent(s) doing something good for others.  This image is sure to last for decades to come, especially if it is reinforced with frequent acts of this nature.

The goal behind all of this is to breed generations of good people.  If you take it upon yourself to improve your character, you will one day get to enjoy the image of your children (and their children) being who you are!  Not only will this make you as proud as you can be, it will also be a great thing for our world and its future.  So, my challenge to you is to find that great person inside of you and let him or her be visible to all that care to look!  This may seem very miniscule, but when it’s replicated many times over, it can have a huge impact on our world for years and years to come!