The Responsibilities of Fathers

A father’s responsibility is to not only bring home money, but to be an active part of your child’s life. I don’t care if they are complaining about purple polka-dotted pajamas that they hate….listen!

A father has to have the patience of a saint, realize that he is a viable and valued part of the family, and if his wife works, he needs to really pitch in! He needs to be around to listen and help out with the chores, but also to be there for birthdays and school plays! In other words, there is a compromise that a high-ended executive makes, when he brings home a lot of money, but is not around, which will result in various behavior problems. Whatever is decided, should the decision about the lifestyle of both spouses. The problem is that little children don’t understand their father’s absence from important events and family dinners. That’s where a teachable moment comes in; explain how hard their daddy works, so that they will appreciate all that their father does.

Some fathers think that they an buy their child’s love with monetary things. That doesn’t teach a child anything; in fact, the child might even wind up in therapy before he is 8, and will not learn to appreciate things, if given everything! Those years cannot come back, and sometimes, your child will not respect the father if he is not present at important events. A father needs to be around to go to ballgames, take prom pictures, and to be present to be aware of what is going on his children’s life.

If you had a choice of a caring husband who made $50,000 a year or one that travels all the time and makes $350,000, you might surprise yourself, which one you’d choose! Just as a child, in the wrong neighborhood, will make the wrong friends and be a different person than if he was in a better one, sometimes the wrong neighborhood of life is the husband or father that he is never present. Either situation can be prevented; it is matter of priorities.

A father’s role is also to see that the child goes to church and that he plays a spiritual role as head of the household, even if his wife has a career. Your child needs to see a male influence and a fatherly role model. If possible, and happiness can prevail, there is nothing life the traditional nuclear family. If divorce is the situation, he still needs to financially support his children, show that he loves them, not use foul language and never put their mother down.

Remember, we have to do what is best for the children, and think about what will affect their future. One’s actions now, or lack of actions, will certainly have an impact on their personality tomorrow. Think long and hard as to what values you want instilled in your children and commit to whatever will work for your family. Isn’t that what it is all about?