The Pros and Cons of Letting your Child use Social Media

The pros and cons of letting your child use social media reflects upon how you view the three leading platforms of social networking.

The Pros

As it now stands, young up-and-coming musicians who utilizes the platform of social media can instantly see their work go viral depending on, of course, the popularity of the product.  Furthermore, these musicians would even do better given their propensity of how they promote their online presence.  And because of that viral showing, these young upstarts are placed in strategic positions to increase their brand awareness.

Yet, in spite of those positive effects, parents would do well by letting their young charges take advantage of social media to the fullest maximum extent (under adult supervision, of course).

Additionally, allowing young children to use social media will have a desired effect upon their interpersonal skills.  As we all know, children who lacks appropriate interpersonal skills falls behind the rest of their classmates not only academically but also in social development.

Social media can be a tremendous uplift in improving the lives of children who once suffered disproportionately as per the curriculum developed for them.  And so, by allowing such children to experience the benefits of social media would improve their overall academic standing. 

The Cons

Children should never explore the virtual world of social media unattended because they open themselves up to the risk of interacting with a social deviant.  They should always be assisted by an adult who would be able to guide them safely through the portals of any social networking website that offers them an enriching educational experience.

Furthermore, leaving children to their own devices while they are online puts them smackdab in the clutches of a social predator.  That’s why parents should also be vigilant when it comes to allowing their young charges to experience the benevolent effects of social media. By doing so, you paved the way for your child to enjoy his or her online experience.

Finally, social media has come of age; we now know the pitfalls and obvious barriers that were once the downfall of all of this online hoopla.  And with this improved use of a tool that we can harness and profit from will enable us to become that Global Village that McLuhan was so passionate about in the 1960’s.  We still have a ways to go, so we must toughen up our outter exterior in the hope of one day crossing this latest frontier.  Only time will tell what this latest craze in social media was all about.