The path teens can take for a successful life

As a teenager stuck between the world of the child and the world of the adult there is a lot of emphasis on planning for the future. The fact is no one wants to just get by in life. It is human nature to feel that desire for more. Teens each born for success. They were not meant to struggle along, they were made to soar.

So how do you break away from the crowd and find your own glimmer of success? How can you shine? In this article you are going to read ideas on finding your way onto the path to success, but remember success means different things to different people. 


There are plenty of people who dropped out of school and became successful. However, in today’s society these are merely the exceptions to the rule. The fact of the matter is that the well educated have a much better shot at success then the average Joe. The beauty is that anyone with determination and the drive to learn can get the qualifications they need. So try hard in school, keep on top of your work load, apply for college, take a course, become an intern or an apprentice and take a chance on your ambitions. Do whatever it takes! Knowledge is power. 


People who know people find there are many more doors open to them. So get out there and say hello to the neighbours, shake hands, make friends and socialize. Get involved in everything.  Join clubs and societies or take part in school activities. You never know who might have the connection that can help you on your path to success. Just remember, if you mix with the right crowd they can propel you upwards, but the wrong kind could drag you down, so chose your friends wisely. And finally, don’t be afraid to mix with adults; unfortunately for teenagers it is the adults who have all the power. 

Try things

Are you destined to be a great business person, an artist, an actor, a singer, a footballer, a boxer, or something else entirely? There are countless careers and sports and talents, and any one of them could be made for you. So get out there and try your hand at new things. Join a club or a class, try badminton, learn karate, take a painting class, enter a local talent show, invent something, build something, or teach someone a new skill. Who knows, you might just find you have a talent you never even dreamed of which will put you on the fast track to success.


Nothing in life is free and good things don’t come easy. What separates the boys from the men is the ability and will to knuckle down and work hard. If you try hard enough there is nothing you can’t do. So if you have a goal or an ambition then stick at it and even when it gets hard keep going. The path to success is a bumpy one, but the hardest things are often the most worth doing. If you face a challenge; meet it head on and then overcome it. You will be that much closer to success when you reach the other side of the mountain. 


Self belief is crucial. The confident go far because they radiate self belief. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? So think positively and have faith in your abilities. Never knock yourself down. There will always be other people around who will try to do that to you so don’t help them, fight them! If you think you can, you can, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you feel successful you truly are.

The final piece of advice to you is never be afraid to go that bit further or to take a chance on something that could be wonderful. If you fear failure you can never succeed. Anything that is really and truly successful is usually a series of mistakes. In life a lot of things are hit and miss, some times they work, sometimes they don’t. You just need to keep on trying and not dwell on the misses too much. So, if you want to accomplish great things in your life instead of thinking what if I fail, ask yourself instead – what if I succeed?