The Myth of the Good Mother

First of all what is a “Myth”? Myth [a traditional story of unknown authorship]. Unknown authorship can tell us that the Myth of a good mother comes from any unknown author. So it is typical that everyone has their own “traditional story” of what a good mother is. A lot of us have stories or “Myths” of what a bad mother is.

A good mother can be glorified by her position in her household depending on the number of children in that same household. Each child will have their own perfect version of “the good mother”.

I do not have a vision of a “good mother” because I feel I did the best that I could as a mother with a disabled child and being disabled myself. Others might say that I am the perfect mother. Understanding a child’s needs at any age is the gift of a perfect mother. Being able to say “NO” when the time is right without saying “NO” all the time is the gift of the perfect mother. Tolerating your children learning how to jump ramps with a bike is the gift of a perfect mother. Tolerating your children learning to roller blade on hot top is the gift of the perfect mother.

Mom, watch me. Mom, Mom, Mom (tugging on your sleeve). As a mother are you tolerant of these types of things? Does that make you the perfect mother? Some say so.

So what exactly is the “Myth” of the perfect mother? The myth is that they listen to every word. They don’t mind the tugging on the sleeve while hearing Mom, Mom, Mom. Watching every little time they say watch me! Look at me! The perfect mother can do the laundry, cook the supper, run to day care, work, clean the house, clean the cars, pick up the toys in the yard and still have time for relationships, sex, and social gatherings.

This is the “Myth” of the perfect mother. If you can handle all of this with a smile on your face you’re insane or soon will be especially depending on the amount of children at home. The more children there are the more the mother is spread thin.

The “Myth” of the perfect mother is balancing all of these acts while balancing the livelihoods, morals and scruples of at least three children. It used to be said that mothers of ten (10) children were the perfect mothers. They didn’t have to work and all they needed to do was tend to their children. Tend to the children meaning the disciplinarian, the boo-boo kisser, the “NO” person, the clean up your room or mom will do it for you person.