The many Benefits of Support and Encouragement

While growing up, it became more obvious each day how fortunate a person is to come from a loving family and home. These days, there are many terrible stories about abuse, divorce and misguided children from broken families – a constant, dreadful collection of tales which makes a person from a home built with love even more thankful.

A big part of that love came from a family that was supportive and encouraging. No matter the activity or the age – elementary school, high school and college, it was important to work hard to achieve success; however, giving maximum effort on every occasion would also result in some positive words from Mom and Dad. This made it easier to try again if things did not go the right way on the first attempt. The positive reinforcement made working harder on improvement and staying focused while trying to achieve the established goals easier.

As a member of the nation’s work force, the situation was somewhat different, but not entirely. Support and encouragement weren’t always available from the people charged with leading the business and/or the staff. So as a manager those two things become important goals of mine, and that often resulted in employees rolling their eyes and responding with sarcasm. However, that silliness did not stop the positive energy.

When it came time to be a husband, some unexpected and unnecessary changes left the other members of the family in charge of support and encouragement. Thankfully, the realization that those two important things needed to go both ways came before it was too late. The expectations have changed since then, but the goal of giving the lady of the house what she deserves remains the same.

Support and encouragement are two ingredients that are especially important in the lives of children as well. A child who has very little positive reinforcement from parents will have a much more difficult time overcoming the obstacles left in front of them. Those who grow up without positive energy from loved ones will begin the race called life at a severe disadvantage. Even the strongest, most persistent and charismatic person will have trouble catching up. Those people who like to point out the problems with today’s youth need to take a look at the amount of support and encouragement the youngsters receive from those around them. If the attention isn’t there, kids are likely to cause trouble in an effort to get noticed, or just to “entertain” themselves. That is not the kind of attention that anyone needs.

At every stage of a person’s life, support and encouragement can and will benefit him/her. An overwhelming display from loved ones is not necessary, but consistent positive reinforcement sends the right message. The hugs, high-fives and kind words and actions all have a tremendous impact, and they can help keep a person and/or a family on the road to success.